MSIO Comprehensive Exam
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Comprehensive Exam

Content and Format of the Exam: The comprehensive exam is a short-essay type proctored exam that covers all topics within the core courses, and research methods and statistics course. The exam once started should be completed in 90 minutes. The exam has options to choose from questions from different areas. You should use any study material provided to you within individual courses to prepare for the comprehensive exam. 

Set up Process: The comprehensive exam set up should be initiated by the student during the semester s/he intends to graduate. The student will need to contact the program coordinator about the intent to take the comprehensive exam by e-mail first and then identify a proctor for the exam if the student is unable to come to a proctoring site on APSU campus. The program coordinator will request D2L helpdesk for the student to be added to the "I-O Psychology Comprehensive Exam" D2L course. The exam is a proctored exam, is  password protected and closed book.

For the comprehensive exam purpose we are currently using a service called ProctorU ( and APSU studetns can use this service free of charge.  This is a live virtual proctoring service, and you will need a webcam in your computer when you take the exam. If you do not want to use this service you can identify another proctor at a local library or testing center (there may be fees associated with this service). In this case, your proctor should be approved by the program coordinator. The proctor will need to agree to provide a quite testing room, an internet connection (preferably faster connection) and will check student's identification on the day of the exam. A proctor should be one who can be verified with an official e-mail id (not  an AOL, yahoo, gmail etc.) and is not a relative of the student. Most public libraries and university testing centers offer proctoring for free of charge. It is the responsibility of the student to identify the proctor, schedule an hour and half for the exam and e-mail confirmation of the schedule to the program coordinator.

Once a proctor (proctorU or otherwise) has been verified and approved by the program coordinator and faculty in the IO Psychology program a password will be send via e-mail to the approved proctor the day before the exam.

If you intend to take the comprehensive exam please contact Dr. Adriane Sanders by e-mail at at the beginning of the semester so that you can take the comprehensive exam at the end of that semester.