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Students in front of a colorful mural at the King Center in Atlanta Jihoon and Del at Mudbowl, fall 2011

Volunteer Opportunities

The Office of International Education offers APSU students, faculty and staff the opportunity to help in international events and befriend international students studying at Austin Peay State University.  

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Befriend or Host an International Student

Most international students studying in the U.S. never enter an American home during their entire stay. This can be a difficult and lonely time for students as they adjust to a new culture and language while being far away from family and friends. By volunteering in one or more of the activities below, you could help support their stay.   Click on the link at the bottom of this page to fill out  an online volunteer application.

--Conversation Partner. The student would meet for one hour each week with the volunteer in order to practice his or her English-speaking skills. If you are interested in participating as a conversation partner, please review the requirements here:

--Participate in the Bridge Program. A participant in the Bridge Program is an APSU student who meets the eligibility requirements, or APSU faculty/staff  who helps support the Bridge Program events when availability of space and time permits.  

 --APSU Welcome Family. An APSU Welcome Family picks up an international student from the Nashville International Airport and then hosts the international student for one to three nights before the student moves into the dorm. An APSU Welcome Family is expected to help the international student move into his/her dorm as well as other necessary tasks such as taking him or her to the store to obtain dorm or grocery items. An APSU Welcome Family is encouraged to remain in contact with the assigned international student throughout the year. 

--Holiday Host. A student is invited into a home for the day in order to experience a typical American holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. This activity is more comfortable if two students join the festivities together.

--Emergency Host. Students must vacate their dorms during the breaks.  IF they are staying in Clarksville, they will require temporary housing anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

Help with International Events

--Study-Abroad Fair. The Office of International Education is always looking for enthusiastic students who have previously studied abroad or participated in exchange programs to assist coordinators in describing these opportunities at Austin Peay State University.

--International Night. There are many opportunities to share your culture, and International Night is the perfect opportunity. This event is a night full of cultural entertainment, foods from around the world and a chance to learn where some of Austin Peay’s faculty, staff and students are from. Volunteers will help at the various tables, serving food and interacting with those interested in the many cultures represented at this event. Interested persons will be contacted by the International Student Organization.

-- Other International Programming. This involves helping out with the International Film Festival, International Lectures, and the Global Govs Recognition Banquet.

Apply to volunteer with us now!