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International students posing in front of colorful mural, King Center, Atlanta.

J-1 Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many courses do students normally take?

Students normally register for at least 12 credit hours at APSU. Twelve credit hours is considered full-time enrollment.

What does 12 credit hours mean?

Each credit hour represents one hour of course time during the week.

  • 1 credit hour= 1 hour of class time/ week
  • 3 credit hours= 3 hours of class time/ week
  • 4 credit hours= 4 hours of class time /week

Most courses at APSU are 3 credit hour courses. 4 courses worth 3 credit hours= 12 credit hours

In other words, if you enroll in a 3 credit hour course, this means your class will meet for three hours during the week. If you enroll in four 3 credit hour courses, then you will be in class for 12 hours during the week and you have met the 12 credit hour full-time requirement.

How many hours of coursework am I required to enroll in?

Due to your J-1 visa status, you are required to enroll in at least 12 credit hours. Please check with your home institution exchange coordinator and verify the number of hours required at your home institution.

What is the maximum number of hours I am allowed to enroll in?

The maximum number of hours you are allowed to enroll in is 15 hours.

Can I take APSU online classes?

You can take APSU online courses, but must still enroll in at least 9 hours of on-ground courses. You will be responsible for the additional fees associated with these courses. Online courses are not covered in the tuition scholarship exchange students receive. Online courses are identified as web based courses in Self-Service and have a W with the section number.

ISEP Students: Students participating in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) are prohibited from taking online courses due to ISEP restrictions.

If I decide to take APSU online course, how many can I take?

Non-ISEP Exchange Students are limited in the number of credit hours of online courses they can enroll in due to federal regulations. 3 hours of the 12 hour full time requirement can be satisfied with online classes. The other 9 credit hours of full-time enrollment must be completed with traditional coursework.

How do I log-in to APSU One Stop and look up classes?

Your admission packet has instructions on how to log-in to APSU One Stop. Once you have entered One Stop follow the instructions below to check for available classes:

  1. Select Web Self-Service
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Look Up Classes
  5. Select the term you will be studying (i.e. Fall: August-December or Spring: January-May) and the year
  6. Select Subject                    

How can I find times and descriptions of classes?

First follow directions under “How do I log-in to APSU One Stop and look up classes?”, then follow steps below.

  • To see course information, click View Sections. You will see a list of all of the sections for that course and for each section, you can see the day and time of the course, the course capacity (what is the maximum number of students in the course), the actual number of students registered for the course, the remaining spaces in the course as well as instructor, dates of the course, the location and other course information.
  • To see course descriptions, Follow steps to see course information, then click on the CRN number link for the course section (follow directions above). Then click on View Catalog Entry.         

How do I know which level a course is?

APSU courses are numbered to identify the level of difficulty.

  • 1000= 1st year, introductory course
  • 2000= 2nd year
  • 3000= 3rd year
  • 4000= 4th year
  • 5000= graduate level/degree coursework

How do I know when a course is offered?

Courses have specific meeting times each week. The specific meeting time is indicated using the following system:

  • MWF = Monday, Wednesday, Friday course. The course meets at the time listed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.
  • TR = Tuesday, Thursday course. The course meets at the time listed on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.
  • M = Monday course (only meets on Mondays at the time listed).
  • T = Tuesday course (only meets on Tuesdays at the time listed).
  • W = Wednesday course (only meets on Wednesday s at the time listed).
  • R = Thursday course (only meets on Thursday s at the time listed).
  • F = Friday course (only meets on Friday s at the time listed).

Am I allowed to take any level of course?

Students who wish to take 3000 or 4000 level coursework are often required to show proof of pre-requisite knowledge. Pre-requisite knowledge is defined as an adequate understanding of the lower-level content in that specific academic area.

  • Example: Accounting II
  • Students wishing to take Accounting II must show adequate pre-requisite knowledge of Accounting I.

An academic transcript showing courses already completed in the area of studies will sometimes be requested before allowing permission for students to take upper division coursework.

Can I request a course which is listed as full?

No. Due to fire code regulations we are restricted from overfilling the classrooms; however, you may check regularly to see if any seats open in the course and notify our office if a spot becomes available. It is important to note that often courses fill quite quickly and open seats can be filled within a few minutes.

When will I receive my course schedule?

Timing can vary. If you request courses which require pre-requisite knowledge and your transcript is required, then it can take longer to complete your schedule. All exchange students require special permission to register for 2000-4000 level courses. Our office handles all course requests for exchange students and normal processing time for a complete schedule is two- three weeks, but can be longer if special requests are made.

What happens if I want to change my course(s) after enrollment, but before arrival?

It is possible to change your course(s), but please keep in mind it can be quite difficult to change your course and timing is important. Our office must request additional permits to help you with registration and you must verify the change with your home institution coordinator.

What happens if I want to change my course(s) after arrival and classes begin?

It will still be possible to change your course schedule after the Office of International Education deadline, but you will be responsible for requesting permits from academic departments and completing the registration process. You will also be responsible for any fees associated with late registration. For deadlines and fees visit the Office of the Registrar.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of International Education and we will be happy to assist you.