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Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Study Abroad Program • Summer • Four Weeks

Program Overview:
This four-week program allows students to experience the culture of Ecuador in the magnificent setting of the Galapagos Islands. The history of colonization of Galapagos goes back to the middle of the XVII century, with the arrival of the first buccaneers who used the islands as a refuge; later, Norwegian whalers resided in the islands, impelling human establishments. Around 19.184 people inhabit Galapagos in the five populated islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana and Baltra. The Galapagos Islands constitute one of the most complexes, diverse and unique oceanic archipelagos in the World that still maintains its ecosystems and biodiversity without great alterations. Its location and geographical isolation, as well as its biological wealth and the evolutionary processes in its fauna and unique flora, have made them worthy of world recognition. Participants can take courses related to Linguistics, Latin American Literature and Latin American Culture/ History, as well as introductory, intermediate and advanced Spanish language classes. Students will have the opportunity to register for courses proposed by professors from Austin Peay. By participating in this Study Abroad Program, students will take part in the following activities included in the cost of the program: (1) Visit to Estancia Primicias (Tortoise Farm), Los Gemelos (Volcanic Craters), Lava tunnels, and Almuerzo campestre (typical Ecuadorian outdoor lunch); (2) Full day in  Island Isabela (includes lunch); Full day in Island San Cristóbal (includes lunch), (3) Tour of Bahía; (4) Darwin Research Center; (5) Tortuga Bay; (6) Fisherman’s Market; (7) Crafts Market and (8) Snorkeling.

General Itinerary: 


Lodging and Meals:
Students will stay in the Hotel Mainao in Puerto Ayora. The hotel is centrally located and has a magnificent view of the ocean and free internet. Breakfast (fruit, eggs, yogurt, coffee, tea, milk, juice, bread and jam) and dinner are included. Lunch is not included unless specified in the excursions.

All APSU Spanish (language, literature, film, history, linguistics, business, translation, etc.) courses, at the undergraduate and/or graduate level, can be taken in this program. Also, check with the Spanish professors for the availability of new and exciting courses such as Detective Fiction, Science Fiction, Vampire and Zombies in Literature,  and Horror Films. Students can also take classes from the History and Philosophy Department. HIST 1210 (World History I) and HIST 3460 (Colonial Latin America), both courses taught in English, can be taken in Galápagos. Students can take from 6 to 8 credit hours.

Payment Schedule and Deadlines:
• A non-refundable deposit is due when you apply for the program. • The balance of the cost of the program is due no later than March1. Checks should be made payable to APSU. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt. • Register for the course(s) you wish to take during APSU summer class registration.

Financial Aid :

Your current scholarships and financial aid may apply toward the cost of the program. Call the Office of Student Financial Aid at (931) 221-7907 to schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor.  Additional scholarships and travel grants are available through the Office of International Education.  View more information on financial aid.

Coordinator: Dr. Osvaldo Di Paolo 931-221-7487
Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Katherine Honea 931-221-7117
Invited Faculty (History): Dr. Greg Hammond 931-221-7865