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Current First Friends

 Get to know our first friends!

Deanna Anderson

Major: Social Work

Minor: Psychology

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, surfing the web, playing game system, and campus involvement


Brena-First Friend

Brena Andring

Major: Business

Minor: Art

International experience: family has hosted international students

Hobbies & interests: outdoors, health and wellness, arts, photography, theater, biking, reading, learning.

Campus involvement: resident assisstant, SGA college of Business senator, member of Alpha Delta Pi, member of PELP2, and a resident and orientation assiistant.

Ebony Douglas

Major: Political Science

Minor: International Studies

Study abroad experience: semester in Korea

Hobbies and interests: K-Pop, Asian culture, dance, read, and hanging out with friends.


Brandy Burow

Major: Accounting

Study abroad experience: a semester in Granada, Spain

Hobbies & interests: Spanish language, country dancing, reading, swimming, working out

Kaitlin-First Friend

Kaitlin Evans

Major: Psycholog, Pre-Med

Study abroad experience: Currently planning to study abroad in London this winter

Hobbies and interests: reading, writing, music, outdoors, running, biking, soccer, and volunteering.


Sarah-First Friend

Sarah Gross

Major: Criminal Justice

Minor: Psychology

Study abroad experience: Winter in London

Hobbies & Interests: Culture, meeting new people, fitness, pageantry, cooking, eating, mvies, walks, hiking/outdoors, and shoping


Kiersten Harris

Major: Human Health and Performance

Minor: Psychology

Experience abroad: visits to Puerto Rico and Canada

Hobbies & Interests: animals, volunteering in animal shelters, mentoring, volleyball, basketball, and travel.


Candace Holland

Major: Psychology/German

Study abroad experience: Germany and Austria

Hobbies & Interests: Listening to music, meeting new people, learning new languages, and finding new places to hang out.


Brandi Laurent

Major: Nursing

Experience abroad: visit to Spain

Hobbies & Interests: reading, writing, learning languages, Japanese culture, cooking, and baking.

Anna Moss

Major: Agricultural Science

Hobbies & Interests: Outdoors, golf, fishing, swimming, sewing, creating crafts, and reading.

Campus involvement: member of Alpha Gamma Delta

Danielle-First Friend

Danielle Witter

Major: Special Education

Hobbies & Interests: Dance, volleyball, and basketball.