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Study-Abroad Program · Summer · Three Weeks

  • Currently not available

Program Overview

Through this program, you will experience Japan through the lens of history and literature while exploring the ancient imperial capitals. After participating in a three-week online course, you will visit the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto for three weeks, experiencing Japan's vibrant culture through cuisine, art, architecture, religious establishments and museums.


3-6 credit hours

You may register for one of the following history or literature courses :  HIST 4910: History Abroad, Japan's Ancient Capitals (6 credit-hours); ENGL 340P: Topics in World Literature (3 credit-hours); ENGL 5700: Literature Across Culture (3 credit-hours, graduate course).

General Itinerary:

From Nashville, we will fly to Osaka and then continue on to Mie Prefecture. In the following days, we will visit the Shinto Shrine at Ise and the imperial court grounds and the Buddhist temples in Nara. The itinerary is tentative and subject to change.

Lodging and Meals:

You will stay in Japanese-style hotels and guest lodging provided by the local international center. You may have the opportunity to stay in a Japanese family's home for a short while, experiencing typical Japanese living arrangements. The program includes the cost of meals.


Level 4* includes APSU tuition, airfare, ground transportation, excursions, meals, housing, health insurance.

*Price is based upon the estimated cost of the program and grouped into levels. Level 1 - $2k-3k; Level 2 - $3k-4k; Level 3 - $4k-5k; Level 4 - $5k-6k; Level 5 - $6k-7k. Prices are subject to change due to increase in airfare, fluctuation of currency exchange and changes in tuition and fee rates. Estimated cost may not include airfare, APSU tuition, or health coverage unless specified. You should also budget funds for personal expenses based upon your spending habits.

Financial Aid:

Your current scholarships and financial aid may apply toward the cost of the program. Call the Office of Student Financial Aid at (931) 221-7907 to schedule an appointment with financial aid counselor, Cathy Naef and Jennifer Ellis. Additional scholarships and travel grants are available through the Office of International Education. Scholarship information.

Payment Schedule and Deadlines:

  •  Your application and deposit and first payment are due no later than March 1.
  • Your final payment is due April 15.
  •  Register for the course of your choice during APSU summer class registration.


 Dr. David Rands, assistant professor, at (931) 221-7936 or

Travel Advisory - This is not a complete list of travel advisories. Please see the U.S. State Department travel site for an up-to-date and extensive list.

Please review the Student Code of Conduct that applies to all students participating in APSU study-abroad and exchange programs.

Austin Peay University reserves the right to make cancellations, date and fee adjustments and any other changes that may be required.


Questions?  About Financial Aid? About Scholarships?