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Study Abroad • Summer • Four Weeks 

Program Overview

APSU in China is a four-week program that will take place in the historic city of Nanjing, which today is the capital of Jiangsu Province in eastern China.  Students will attend lectures, go on 2-3 excursions per week, and complete a service-learning project while in Nanjing.  The estimated cost per student for this program is $5,200.  This cost covers housing, meals, round-trip airfare from Nashville, excursions and field trips, and ground transportation in China.

Lodging and Meals

Austin Peay students and the two lead faculty members, Drs. Ying Ma and Matthew Kenney, will will stay at Nanshan Hotel, located on the campus of Nanjing Normal University.  We will have most of our meals at the hotel, though we will also eat at different restaurants in town, especially on those occasions when go on program-related field trips.

Tourist Visa Fees: Program countries requiring a tourist visa prior to travel for US citizens include China, Brazil, and India. Students participating in these programs should plan to pay all costs and fees associated with applying for the visa. You must be especially vigilant in keeping up with deadlines in order to have your visa in time for travel. You should plan to have a passport no later than early March. Please be aware that it is necessary to have a passport in hand in order to apply for a visa. You may have complications or incur additional costs if you apply incorrectly. If you do not have your passport and visa before the departure date, you will not be able to board the flight and may have to forfeit participation in the trip with no refund of fees. Non-US citizens may require a visa for any APSU study abroad program and must be aware of their individual travel documents needs.

General Itinerary

We will depart Nashville International Airport on May 11, 2014, for Shanghai, China.  From Shanghai, we will take a high-speed train to Nanjing.  We will return to Nashville on June 7, 2014.

Course Names and Numbers

APSU in China students are required to take the following two courses:

• POLS 3200 - Politics and Government in China (3 credit hours)

• SOC 3810 - Globalization and Social Movements (3 credit hours)

Credit Hours for the Program

Six (6) credit hours.


Dr. Matthew Kenney

Dr. Ying Ma