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Application, Cancellation, and Appeal Processes

Study-Abroad Application

Where do I obtain my application form?

Our office has an online system for applying for study abroad programs. Please apply at the link below.

APPLY NOW for an APSU study abroad program!

If you are applying for a CCSA or ISEP program, you will need to fill out an additional application as well. These applications are provided by each organization at the links below:

You will also need to fill out an additional application if you are applying for an exchange program through one of our partner universities. Please contact our office or the program coordinator for information about this application.

Filling out and submitting the APSU Study Abroad/Exchange Program Application does not automatically qualify you for the Global Learning Travel Grant. For information on how to apply for this grant go to Global Learning Travel grant Application.

Deadlines for Study-Abroad Applications

APSU Spring Break programs: December 1.

APSU Summer Programs: February 15.

APSU Late Summer Programs: March 1.

For winter and summer CCSA programs, please click on CCSA from our programs' menu.

For ISEP programs, please click on ISEP

Tourist Visa Fees

Program countries requiring a tourist visa prior to travel for US citizens include China, Brazil, and India. Students participating in these programs should plan to pay all costs and fees associated with applying for the visa. The Office of International Education is NOT responsible for securing visas. You must be especially vigilant in keeping up with deadlines in order to have your visa in time for travel. You should plan to have a passport at least three months prior to departure. Please be aware that it is necessary to have a passport in hand in order to apply for a visa. You may have complications or incur additional costs if you apply incorrectly.  If you do not have your passport and visa before the departure date, you will not be able to board the flight and may have to forfeit participation in the trip with no refund of fees. Non-US citizens may require a visa for any APSU study abroad program and must be aware of their individual travel document needs. 

Due to the constant fluctuation in the value of the U.S. Dollar and currencies in program countries, it is possible that costs may increase. APSU reserves the right to notify students regarding an increase in fees due to exchange rates at any time.

Appeal Process

If you currently do not meet the Study Abroad requirements, you may complete the appeal process below:

APSU Study Abroad Appeal Application

Cancellation of your Study-Abroad Application

Below is our cancellation policy, please read it carefully. You must fill out the form below. This form will automatically notify the Office of International Education, Financial Aid (in case you have applied for aid), and the Bursar's Office. You will still need to notify the faculty member who coordinates the program you have applied for, and withdraw your application from our APSU Terradotta application system.

Please complete and submit the Cancellation Form.


In the event an applicant cancels his/her planned participation in an APSU Study Abroad program, the APSU Office of International Education must be notified immediately. The level of refund for cancelled program participation varies according to specific circumstances, as detailed below: 

  • Individuals who cancel before or on the application deadline will receive a full refund of any monies paid to the APSU study abroad program, minus the non-refundable application fee.
  • Individuals who cancel after the application deadline and before/on the first payment deadline will forfeit the non-refundable application fee and will also be responsible for any *unrecoverable expenses incurred by APSU on their behalf.
  • Individuals who cancel after the first payment deadline will forfeit the non-refundable application fee plus $1500 of the program costs and will also be responsible for any *unrecoverable expenses incurred by APSU on their behalf.
  •  Individuals who cancel 30 days or less before the program’s scheduled departure will be responsible for the entire program costs, in addition to the loss of the non-refundable application fee.
  • Participants who withdraw from or who are involuntarily removed from a program already in progress shall remain responsible for the full cost of the program.

*In order to obtain the best possible prices, APSU often must contract for goods and services such as airline tickets, housing, transportation passes, entrances, etc. far in advance of the program date. Cancellation or adjustment of these contracts will sometimes result in unrecoverable expenses.

Note: the foregoing standards also apply to applicants whose participation is involuntarily canceled by APSU due to the applicant’s failure to remain in good standing or complete required preconditions for participation, such as holding a valid passport, completing visa requirements (where applicable) in a timely fashion, and failure to confirm APSU classes.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. This insurance is available through most travel agencies or by doing a web search for trip cancellation insurance. A few suggestions are: AAA, Access America, and Travel Guard Insurance (APSU does not endorse these agencies).

Additional questions:

Can I receive assistance with completing the form?

Yes, if you have questions about how to complete the forms, you may contact the Office of International Education or the study-abroad program coordinator.

Should I submit my application if I am not sure I will go?

Most programs require a non-refundable application fee at the time of application. Once your application fee is received, the program coordinator will use it to make travel arrangements on your behalf. Additionally, many programs are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and your non-refundable application fee secures your spot in the program. If you are not certain that you will be able to attend, make an appointment with the study-abroad coordinator or the Office of International Education to discuss any barriers to your participation.