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International Students at the Welcome Picnic in Fall 2014 International students posing for picture in front of Six Flags in Atlanta.

Programs, Events and Activities

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The International Welcome Picnic held every fall brings together students, faculty, and staff to welcome incoming international students to Austin Peay State University!

The International Student Orientation is offered each fall and spring semester and provides international students with valuable information about maintaining their visa status, navigating the APSU campus, and adjusting to American life.

Each fall, events are sponsored during International Education Week such as International Night that feature food and music from world cultures representing APSU’s international student population, study-abroad programs and exchange programs. This event is one of the largest events held at APSU with an average of 700 guests and participants.

International Education ends the academic year with the Global Govs Recognition Banquet in the spring which honors international students and study-abroad and exchange program participants. Honored students are given a friendship pin or graduation stole.

Bridge Program

The Office of International Education invites you to join the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is a peer-mentor program of both international students and domestic students enrolled at APSU. It is designed to help international students explore American culture and history while teaching First Friends (domestic students) about the culture and history of their countries. This is accomplished through monthly discussions, educational activities and group excursions. First Friends help international students navigate campus life and culture. International students interested in participating in the Bridge Program and participating in discussions, activities or excursions with First Friends must complete the application. Previous international students wishing to re-apply must also complete this application by the appropriate deadline. Get the online application here: Bridge Program International Student Application

International Student Advisement

During special sessions, the Office of International Education counsels students on topics such as student visa regulations, work opportunities, health and housing. Contact the Office of International Education for more information.

Other Opportunities

International Learning Community This is an organization for American students who are studying foreign languages and international students.  Students who are selected to be involved in the International Learning Community participate in weekly activities such as making French crepes, playing the Hispanic game Perudo, watching non-English films, etc. These activities are designed to enhance the student's knowledge of world cultures and languages. There is limited space. Please contact the Office of International Education for more information. 

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