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Course Descriptions

EDUC 5000 - Research in EducationStudy and practice in the techniques of educational research; isolation of research problems; development of skill in reading, interpreting and applying research with extensive reading related to the student's interest. Should be taken at the beginning of your program.

EDUC 5200 - Eval Teaching and Learning: Designed to aid the teacher or administrator in evaluating pupils and programs in terms of goal achievement, desired outcomes, program adjustment and development of evaluation strategies. 

EDUC 5611 - Education Computer Application: Students will demonstrate competency in computer applications in the instructional process, including the development of learning materials, the location of educational resources, and the use of software for assessment and classroom management.

EDUC 5613 - Instructional Design: Students will demonstrate competency of the fundamental principles of instructional design and technology. The course provides a foundation of theory in practice of instructional design using a systems approach to the development of instruction.

EDUC 5612 - Computer for School Admin: Provides an overview of administrative and instructional technologies and resources available to the school community. Emphasis on the school leader's role in fostering effective use of available technologies in all aspects of school operations and instruction. Provides practical experience with relevant technologies.

EDUC 5614 - Electronic Publishing: The basis of electronic publishing for paper and electronic products.

EDUC 5616 - Multimedia Creation: Technical skills in the areas of graphics, audio, quick time and hypermedia creation to create a hypermedia based project.

EDUC 5617 - Instructional Internet Use: Provides teachers with the technical skills and ideas to use the internet in their classroom.

EDUC 5618 - Visual Literacy and Design: The study of the principles of visual design applied to the development of instructional materials.

EDUC 5619 - Technological Training Methods: The course will prepare students to work in a training environment by examining differences between traditional teaching and training and through the application of an instructional design model. Discussions will be included on the scope, purpose, and cost efficiency of training. On-line training will be investigated to determine factors that lead to effective on-line training. 

EDUC 5621 - Instruction on Video Design: Basics of video design and application of video in an educational setting. 

EDUC 5625 - Maintenance and Management: This course provides training to manage technology in a school setting, develop a technology plan, and infuse technology in education. 

EDUC 6000 - Practicum in Instruct Tech: This course provides practical, guided experience in instructional technology. Students work under the direct supervision of a practicing technologist while documenting their experience. 

EDUC 6003 - Seminar in Instructional Tech: Provide discussion of current issues and trends in instructional technology and discuss with other students and faculty issues in their instructional technology project work. 

EDUC 6005 - Instructional Tech Project: Capstone experience in which the student creates a project based on current research and principles of instructional design using current technologies. The project is created, implemented and tested. All students will publicly present their project and findings.

SPED 5390 - Assistive Technology: A course designed to develop skills in the use of assistive technology, to include giving assistive tech evaluations.

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