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Comments from Graduates

In an effort to enrich my knowledge of teaching, I decided to return to school to pursue and earn my Masters of Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology. This education equipped me with a vast array of tools and a broader understanding of learning and instructional design to bring about learning outcomes. The graduate program at APSU afforded me the opportunity to enter a virtual “sandbox” where I could experiment with a countless number of teaching tools and discover the value of incorporating technology into my lesson plans. It motivated me to continually find ways to help my students see a concept or engage them in a meaningful hands-on activity and offered a treasure trove of ideas. Because it was a fully online program, it also greatly enriched my perspective as an online instructor and faculty mentor. My graduate final project is used continually in my classroom and at our satellite campuses. I use the concepts for teaching and the research and application skills I learned in the program on a regular basis.

Sarah Durham

I have just accepted a job as an Instructional Design Specialist at Indiana State University and will be starting there next month. The job comes with all the benefits, great pay, and a chance to obtain my doctorate for basically nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for everything I learned in your classes, I will have to put it to good use now. Just wanted you both to know how much I appreciate your consistent online teaching styles, and your pedagogic styles have definitely influenced my own teaching style.

James Edwards

The program is run by caring faculty who always seem to find the time to help students. The program allows students to work with the technology they will want to see in their classrooms.

Martin Golson

As my time with the Instructional Technology program comes to and end, I can’t help but to think about how useful the information I have learned is. I came into the program knowing very little about Education. I now have a firm foundation that will give me many more opportunities in the Education world. The Instructional Technology program is great for those who have a technology background with little to no experience in Education.

Jason Hatton