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Usage and Regulations

It is important for all Austin Peay State University Digital OpenVMS users to practice ethical behavior in their computing activities. Irresponsible actions by any user may disrupt all other users' work. The APSU Office of Information Technology has the responsibility of securing its computing system to a reasonable degree against unauthorized access while making it accessible for legitimate users. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct and the punitive measures for not adhering to them. 

The list below constitutes the REGULATIONS for the use of the VAX and/or AlphaServer: 

1. Users must use only those accounts which have been authorized for their use. 

2. Users are responsible for the usage of their computer accounts. No user should divulge the USERNAME or PASSWORD to his account to another person. 

3. Users must use their accounts only for the purposes for which they were authorized. 

4. Approval of the Director of the Office of Information Technology is required for the use of any Open VMS System for any task which is not directly related to APSU either through regular class assignments or research being conducted by students or faculty/staff of APSU. 

5. Users must not misuse, damage or misappropriate in any manner computing equipment, property, and other facilities and resources. 

6. Each user should purge his/her directory of all but the latest version of each file in his directory at the end of each terminal session. 

7. Each user should be sure that the latest version of each of his/her files is the version that he/she wishes to retain since a systemwide purge of all user files is done each night. 

8. To minimize the impact of your work or the work of other persons, you must not attempt to encroach on others' use of the facilities or deprive them of resources. 

9. Do not attempt to modify system facilities. 

10. Do not attempt to subvert the restrictions associated with your computer accounts. 

11. Do not access or copy the programs, files, or data belonging to other persons or to APSU without prior authorization to do so from the owner. Do not attempt to access files for which you do not have authorization. Programs, subroutines, and data provided by APSU are not to be taken to other computer sites without permission from the Office of Information Technology. You may use software on APSU computers only if it has been legally obtained and its use does not violate any license or copyright restriction. Do not use programs at APSU that were obtained from other computer sites unless they are in the public domain or authority to use them at APSU has been obtained. 

Disciplinary actions for violating the above regulations shall be governed by the applicable provision of the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student
Handbook. In addition to those found in the Student Handbook, disciplinary sanctions may include, but are not limited to, restitution for damages and restrictions of computing privileges. Criminal charges also may be filed. 

The Tennessee Computer Crimes Act is a state law which applies to users of Digital OpenVMS accounts. The following is found in Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 39-14-601, et seq.: 

(a) Whoever knowingly, directly or indirectly, accesses, causes to be accessed, or attempts to access any computer software, computer programs, data, computer, computer system, computer network...for the purpose of obtaining money, property, or services for him/herself or another by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises violates this subsection and is subject to the penalties of Section 39-14-105. 

(b) Whoever intentionally and without authorization, directly or indirectly: (1) accesses; (2) alters, damages, destroys, or attempts to damage or destroy, any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, program, or data; violates this subsection. 

(c) A violation of subdivision (b)(1) is a class C misdemeanor. 

(d) A violation of subdivision (b)(2) is punished as in section 39-14-105. 

(e) Whoever receives, conceals, uses, or aids another in receiving, concealing, or using any proceeds resulting from a violation of subsection (a) or subdivision (b)(2), knowing the same to be proceeds of such violations, or whoever receives, conceals, uses or aids another in receiving, concealing or using books, records, documents, property, financial instrument, computer software, program, or other material, property, or objects, knowing the same to have been used in violating either subsection (a) or subdivision (b)(2) violates this subsection is subject to the penalties of Section 39-14-105. 

Note: OpenVMS is the operating system name for DEC VAX and Alpha computer systems.