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Exchange Email Guide

Exchange Email

Office 365 Address

There is a new login page for your APSU email! You can now access your email using  Your username is your email address and your password is your same email password.

For a overview of the new features available through Office 365, please browse to


Creating Personal Distribution Lists

To create a personal distribution list:

1. Click 'Address Book'.
2. From the File menu, choose New Entry.
3. In the Select The Entry Type box, select New Contact Group.
4. Under 'Put this entry in', select 'Contacts', and click on OK
5. In the Name box, type the name of your distribution list.
6. Click on the 'Add Members' button and choose if you want to locate the members from your personal contact list (Outlook Contacts), or the APSU address book (Address Book).
7. Double-click each name you want to add to the distribution list.
8. Choose OK until all open dialog boxes are closed.

Backing up e-mails to save

Unfortunately, we cannot increase disk quotas on Exchange because of limited storage resources. However, you can free space off the server by moving part of the messages to a file saved on your PC. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Using the Archive option: to save mail messages to a local file based on their age.

1. On the File menu, click 'Cleanup Tools' and then choose 'Archive'.

2. To archive all folders, click "Archive all folders according to their Auto Archive settings". To archive one folder only, click "Archive this folder and all subfolders:", and then click the folder that contains the items you want to archive.

3. In the Archive file box, type a file name for the archived items to be transferred to, or click Browse to select from a list.

4. In the Archive items older than box, enter a date. Items dated before this date will be archived.

2. Using Personal folders: to save selected mail messages to a local file (in the same manner you move mail items to a subfolder).

To create a personal folder in Outlook,

  1. Click 'New Items', and then choose 'More Items' and then finally 'Outlook Data File'.
  2. Name your file and click OK.
  3. This creates a Personal Folders item in the folder view. To move messages to the Personal Folders section, just select and drag the desired messages to the Personal Folders location.

Changing your computer/email password

To change your Windows 7/email password:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time while logged in to your account.
  2. Choose "Change a password...."
  3. Input your existing password, and then choose a new one and input it twice. Hit 'Enter'.

Macintosh users

The networking software and configuration of Mac systems on campus does not allow users to change the Exchange password directly from their computers.  To have this password changed contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 or by e-mail  (