GSS Minor (18 Hours)
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Global Security Studies Minor (18 hours)

Offered as GSS-prefixed courses (look for Global Security Systems in Course Schedules)
An Interdisciplinary field, but part of the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Director: Dr. Thomas Riley Kennedy O’Connor
Location: McCord 204
Phone: (931) 221-7077 or 221-1477

OFFICE HOURS: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10:30-2:00 Morgan 204
Tuesdays on Ft. Campbell campus (mornings only)
Please feel free to call or email Dr. O’Connor

Global Security Studies considers transnational security issues with global implications such as economics, public health, population dynamics, ecology and the environment, violence and armed conflict, transnational crime and terrorism, technological incidents and accidents, responses to natural disasters, human rights, social identities, social movements, and cultural hybridity.  Students will become better prepared for careers in government, business, education, international organizations, non-government organizations, foundations, and advocacy groups by complementing their major of choice with this minor which provides an understanding of the emerging challenges in a globalized world.

          GSS 2010            Introduction to Global Security Studies
          GSS 3020            Global Strategic Studies
          POLS 3070          Theories of International Relations (or POLS 4170)

Choices should be made which add depth and breadth to a student's studies. At least 12 hours in the program should be at the 3000 level or above.

       AAST 3500                          Race, Gender, and Sexuality
       AAST 4050                          Social Meaning of Race
      AGRI 4110                           Agro-Terrorism
      COMM 3090                        International Communication
      CRJ 3100                            Fundamentals of Cybercrime
      CRJ 4030                            Comparative Criminal Justice
      CRJ 4040                            Global Jihad and Homeland Security
      CRJ 4140                            Homeland Security Law
      CRJ 4410                            Domestic Terrorism
      CRJ 4420                            International Terrorism
      CSCI 3602                          Securing Cyberspace
      ECON 4610                        International Economics
      ENGL 340N                        Gay & Lesbian Literature Across Cultures
      ENGL 3600                         Literature and Film Across Cultures
      FIN 3510                             International Finance
      GB 3110 or MGT 3200        Global Business
      GEOG 3940                       Technological Hazards
      GEOG 4180                       Climatology
       HHP 2050                          Community and Environmental Health
      HHP 4070                          Introduction to Disease
      HIST 3370                         European Military History
      HIST 4790                         The Military in Nontraditional Roles
      MGT 4110                          International Management
       MKT 3410                         International Marketing      
       PHIL 4015                          War and Ethics
       POLS 2070                         International Politics
       POLS 3060                         Terrorism and Counterterrorism
       POLS 3070 or 4170            Either one if other is taken above
       POLS 3090                         The United Nations
       POLS 3300                          International Political Economy       
       PM 3003                              Managing At-Risk Populations
       PM 3006                              Weapons of Mass Destruction
       PM 4090                               Comparative Public Management
       PSY 4380                             Military Psychology
       PSY 4444                            Cross-Cultural Psychology
       PTMA 3050                          Cultural Diversity in Organizations
       PTMA 3100                          Global Logistics
       SOC 3180                             Globalization and Social Movements
       SOC 3250                             Social Institutions: The Environment
       SOC 3750                             Population Dynamics
        SOC 4420                            Environmental Justice
        SOC 4400                             Environmental Sociology
         SW 4050                              International Social Work
         WGS 2060                           Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
     Substitutions may be possible, if appropriate, but contact the chair of the Criminal Justice department for inquiries about that.  Students completing this minor are strongly recommended to take the World History sequence instead of the American History sequence in their general education core. It is also advisable that the student either have or develop a foreign language proficiency before graduation, and the GSS Director will help and/or assist with such proficiency.  For more on this, see our Foreign Languages page.  Additionally, a study abroad or international travel experience will significantly enhance qualifications in this field, but not everyone can afford such travel, so our Cultural Understanding page might be of some help.