GSS Minor (18 Hours)
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Global Security Studies Minor (18 hours)

Exists as a stand-alone GSS-prefixed minor discipline
(look for Global Security Systems in Course Schedules)
in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Director: Dr. Thomas O’Connor
Location: Bldg. 604, Rm. 105, Ft. Campbell, KY
Phone: (931) 221-1477

OFFICE HOURS: Mondays thru Thursdays 11:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Please feel free to call or email Dr. O’Connor

Global Security Studies considers transnational security issues with global implications such as the environment, terrorism, population movements, and disease threats. Students prepare for careers in government, business, education, or international organizations by complementing a specific major with an understanding of the emerging challenges posed by a globalizing world.

          GSS 2010            Introduction to Global Security Studies
     POLS 2070          International Politics (or appropriate substitute)
          POLS 3070          Theories of International Relations (or appropriate substitute)

Note: While there is no required course distribution across disciplines, the student should work with advisors to select courses which lend depth and breadth to their studies.

      AGRI 4110                           Agro-Terrorism
      COMM 4444                        Cultural Context of Communication
      CRJ 3100                            Network Security
      CRJ 3400                            Terrorism: Understanding the Threat
      CRJ 3410                            Domestic Terrorism
      CRJ 3420                            International Terrorism
      CSCI 3200                          Information Security
      ECON 4610                        International Economics
      ENGL 360H                        Literature and Film Across Cultures
      GEOG 1030                       Geography of the Developing World
      GEOG 3130                       Geography of the Middle East
      GEOG 3150                       Geo-Information Systems (GIS)
      GEOG 3950                       Population and the Environment
      HHP 4070                          Introduction to Disease
      HIST 4730                         US Foreign Relations since 1890
      HIST 4790                         The Military in Nontraditional Roles
      PHIL 2200                          Religion and the World
      PHIL 380B                          Islam as a World View
      PHIL 380C                         The Battle for God & Jihad
     POLS 3060                         Terrorism and Counterterrorism
     POLS 4170                         Power, Morality, and International Relations
     POLS 4444                         Cultural Context of Political and Social Ideas
     PSY 4444                            Cross-Cultural Psychology
     other appropriate substitutions include: any Military history course in the HIST Dept., or any Terrorism course in the POLS or CRJ Depts.,  as well as any other course with the words "comparative" or "international" in it.

Students completing this minor are strongly recommended to take HIST 1220, World History II, in their general education core.

Students should recognize that a foreign language and/or a study abroad/intern experience will significantly enhance their qualifications in this field.