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Student Employee Information

This page contains information for both student employees and departments seeking to hire student employees.  Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

In a effort to clearly delineate our student employee workforce from that of temporary employees the following practices are being in effect:

  • Students must be registered at least half time in classes in order to be student employees.  Half time is a minimum of 3 credit hours at Fort Campbell Campus or 6 credit hours at Main Campus.

  • Students may not be employed as temporary APSU employees.  If students are enrolled in classes, they must be hired as student employees.

  • Student employees may work no more than twenty (20) hours per week while enrolled in classes (through the end of finals week).

  • Student employees may work no more than two (2) assignments at any given time.

  • Hiring departments must begin the general campus hiring process with Human Resources and the Federal Work Study hiring process with Student Financial Aid.

  • Hiring departments may choose to use any one of four (4) generic position descriptions or develop one of their own (see below).

  • Students may be paid more than $7.25/hour depending on classification.

  • The maximum pay rate per hour is $16.89. 

  • Pay rates more than $16.89 per hour are decided on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the APSU Executive Committee.

  • For more information, see the General Campus Student Employment Procedures or Federal Work Study Student Employment Procedures documents below.

  • For student employee responsibilities, see the Student Responsibilities section in the document "Steps to finding General Campus Positions" below.

If you have any questions regarding:

  • General Campus Student Employment dates, advertising, applications or how to complete the forms, contact Lisa Ramsey at 221-7619. 

  • Federal Work Study Assignments, contact Terri Huth at 221-6256.

  • Student timesheets or paychecks, contact Roxanne Grachanin at 221-7433 .

  • Terminating student employee assignments, contact Anthony Roark at 221-7356.

How does a student find a General Campus Position?

Steps to finding General Campus Positions

How does a department hire a General Campus Student Employee?

General Campus Student Employment Procedures

General Campus Hiring Form

Student Employment Request Form (open in Google Chrome to see the drop down menu/arrow at the end of the Action Item field)

Federal Work Study Hiring Procedures

Federal Work Study


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Complete the Student Data Entry Form

Chart A - Position Numbers

Chart B - Time Keeping Locations


Sample Job Descriptions

APSU 1000 Peer Mentor

APSU 1000 Peer Mentor Leader

Orientation Assistant

Orientation Coordinator  

Generic Position Descriptions

Student Assistant (Pay Level 1: $7.25 - $9.43/hr)

Student Assistant (Pay Level 2: $9.12 - $10.56/hr)

Student Assistant (Pay Level 3: $10.21 - $13.37/hr)

Special Skills Assistant (Pay Level 4: $12.67 - $16.89/hr)