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Student Employee Information

This page contains information for both student employees and departments seeking to hire student employees.  Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

In a effort to clearly delineate our student employee workforce from that of temporary employees the following practices are being in effect:

  • Students must be registered at least half time in classes in order to be student employees.  Half time is a minimum of 3 credit hours at Fort Campbell Campus or 6 credit hours at Main Campus.

  • Students may not be employed as temporary APSU employees.  If students are enrolled in classes, they must be hired as student employees.

  • Student employees may work no more than twenty (20) hours per week while enrolled in classes (through the end of finals week).

  • Student employees may work no more than two (2) assignments at any given time.

  • Hiring departments must begin the general campus hiring process with Human Resources and the Federal Work Study hiring process with Student Financial Aid.

  • Hiring departments may choose to use any one of four (4) generic position descriptions or develop one of their own (see below).

  • Students may be paid more than $7.25/hour depending on classification.

  • The maximum pay rate per hour is $16.89. 

  • Pay rates more than $16.89 per hour are decided on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the APSU Executive Committee.

  • For more information, see the General Campus Student Employment Procedures or Federal Work Study Student Employment Procedures documents below.

  • For student employee responsibilities, see the Student Responsibilities section in the document "Steps to finding General Campus Positions" below.

If you have any questions regarding:

  • General Campus Student Employment dates, advertising, applications or how to complete the forms, contact Lisa Ramsey at 221-7619. 

  • Federal Work Study Assignments, contact Terri Huth at 221-6256.

  • Student timesheets or paychecks, contact Roxanne Grachanin at 221-7433 .

  • Terminating student employee assignments, contact Anthony Roark at 221-7356.

How does a student find a General Campus Position?

Steps to finding General Campus Positions

How does a department hire a General Campus Student Employee?

General Campus Student Employment Procedures

Student employees may make deferrals to 403(b), 401(k), and 457(b) plans.

Deferred Compensation Information

General Campus Hiring Form

Student Employment Request Form (open in Google Chrome to see the drop down menu/arrow at the end of the Action Item field)

Federal Work Study Hiring Procedures

Federal Work Study


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Complete the Student Data Entry Form

Chart A - Position Numbers

Chart B - Time Keeping Locations


Sample Job Descriptions

APSU 1000 Peer Mentor

APSU 1000 Peer Mentor Leader

Orientation Assistant

Orientation Coordinator  

Generic Position Descriptions

Student Assistant (Pay Level 1: $7.25 - $9.43/hr)

Student Assistant (Pay Level 2: $9.12 - $10.56/hr)

Student Assistant (Pay Level 3: $10.21 - $13.37/hr)

Special Skills Assistant (Pay Level 4: $12.67 - $16.89/hr)