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Faculty Search Committees and the Search Process


This information is provided to briefly inform participants on faculty search committees of the phases of the search process for tenure-track and temporary, fulltime faculty positions.  Please refer to the PeopleAdmin Hiring Department's User Manual for detailed instructions about how to navigate through the PeopleAdmin user site.

· Determination of positions
· Submission of personnel requisitions via PeopleAdmin
· Job Announcements
· Recruitment plans
· Approval and posting of positions
· Affirmative Action Certification
· The interview process / selection of interviewees (initial list and short-list)
· Interview notes and reference checks
· Final candidate recommendation
· Closing faculty search

Determination of positions necessary and the budget available for the upcoming fiscal year is accomplished through a collaboration of the department chair/director, college dean, provost and budgeting director.

Submission of personnel requisitions for each position must be completed and submitted via PeopleAdmin for approval by the various approving authorities before job announcements are posted.

Job Announcements Development of well-defined job announcements must be included with the submission of personnel requisitions.  All job announcements must include the following statement: Austin Peay State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women, minorities and members of other protected groups are encouraged to applyClick here for a job announcement template which could be used by your department for discipline-specific, advertising sources.

Recruitment plans are also to be completed and included with the submission of personnel requisitions.  All members of the search committees should be listed, with the chair listed first.  Please refer to the user manual for more information about the duties and responsibilities of search committees.  All advertising sources that departments intend on using must be stated in the recruitment plan section of the job details.

Approval and posting of advertisements After approval of personnel requisitions, including job announcements and recruitments plans by the various approving authorities, the Office of Human Resources will post job announcements to APSU/HR webpage, PeopleAdmin,, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Diverse Issues of Higher Education, Latinos in Higher Education and Women in Higher Education.* 

The search committee may then begin placing job announcements in discipline-specific, professional journals, publications or websites and making personal contacts.  Please note that paper applications are no longer being accepted.  All applications must be submitted via the PeopleAdmin applicant site; therefore; it is recommended that departments not advertise positions until job announcements are posted to APSU/HR webpage and PeopleAdmin.

Departments are responsible for the cost and placing of job announcements using any other adverting sources other than those previously mentioned.

Affirmative Action certification Applicant pools must be certified for diversity by the Director of Affirmative Action before applications are released to search committees.  If initial advertising efforts do not generate diverse applicant pools, search committees will be asked to use additional sources to prevent delays in Affirmative Action's approval of the applicant pool.  Click here for additional higher education advertising sources.

The interview process The initial list of qualified applicants identified by the search committee for telephone interviews must be certified by the Director of Affirmative Action before applicants and their references are contacted and telephone interviews conducted.  The shortlist of final candidates must also be certified by the Director of Affirmative Action before candidates are invited to APSU for on-campus interviews.  Click here for more information about travel arrangements for on-campus interviews.  Please note that candidates who are recommended for on-campus interviews must provide a copy of their unofficial transcripts before or at the time of their on-campus interviews.

Interview notes of all telephone and on-campus interviews and reference checks conducted by search committees are to be properly recorded.

Final candidate recommendation When a final candidate has been recommended for hire, the hiring proposal and all interview notes and reference checks, including criteria evaluations (via PeopleAdmin), and faculty appointment recommendation and communication proficiency forms (hard copy) must be initiated and submitted to the Director of Affirmative Action and Provost, respectively, for final certification that Affirmative Action procedures have been properly followed.  Salary is then calculated by the Director of Human Resources.  The recommended candidate must submit official transcripts before his/her contract could be signed.

Closing the faculty search Once the position has been successfully filled, applicants status' are changed via PeopleAdmin resulting in them being notified that the position has been filled.

Successful searches begin early in the selection process.  It is particularly important that the Office Human Resources and Affirmative Action processes are followed and documented to reduce the potential for third party (state/federal agency or individual legal) intervention.  Please visit the Office of Affirmative Action's website for more AA/EEO information