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A Guide To Workers' Compensation/Division of Claims Administration

   Under a 1984 act of the General Assembly, state employees are entitled to the same workers' compensation benefits that are provided to persons employed by private employers in Tennessee. This act placed responsibility for administering the state employee Workers' Compensation Program in the Division of Claims Administration of the State Treasury Department.
   Tennessee workers' compensation laws are designed to provide benefits to employees who are injured as the result of an accident which occurs in the course of employment. There is no clear cut definition available to describe when an injury is or is not compensable. Employees should perform the duties of their job in a careful manner and report any conditions in the workplace which are hazardous to the Associate Director, Physical Plant.
   This guideline is intended to be a summary of the Workers' Compensation Program and does not address every detail of the Program. Should you have questions regarding this Program, please feel free to contact Human Resources or the Division of Claims Administration (615-741-2734) for further information.

Who Is Eligible
     Generally, an employee is eligible for workers' compensation benefits if employed by the state and receiving a state payroll check.  Persons compensated through a contract with the state are not eligible.