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Accounting Services Procedures

Contractor or His/Her Artist

  • Make sure they are eligible for payment outside of university payroll
  • Make arrangements with their employer or ask for a W-9 for themselves
  • Ask for a W-9 for the performing artist  that they represent
  • Specify who’s getting paid.  Businesses have letterhead.  Tell what service is rendered and when, how much is due, when and to whom (per the contract) … in-house form is for individuals who don’t  have a clue. Important:  Contractor must sign it too

 Payment Authorizations

  • If everything costs $500.00 or less, and it’s a one-time event, send a Payment Authorization to Accounting Services


  • Approve the invoice or ask the one who’s paying to sign
  • If payment is to be ready at your event, decline, then give us your word.  Payment is given only after service is rendered
  • Take the approved invoice to Accounting Services,  or submit it with the original contract.  Important: You must include their W-9

Issued Checks

  • Accounting Services will issue checks when they have received all the proper paperwork
  • Be sure to get all the paperwork in early if you need the check on the day of the event – If this is the case, please let them know on what day you will need the check


  • Please don’t wait until the event to ask if payment is ready or if something is missing
  • Contact us at least one day before the event

Receiving Reports

  • Most receiving is done through central receiving
  • For some items such as live animals or multiple items (1,000 beakers), they will be delivered by central receiving with a receiving report  attached that you must complete and return
  • Payment Authorization form acts as your receiving report also – so when this form is signed and sent to Accounting Services, they will pay the vendor when they have the invoice

Credit Cards

  • Quick turn-around on credit cards
  • Must have account number on log form
  • Must be signed by authorized person

Frequent Problems

  • Receiving Reports – partial shipments, too
  • If you receive an invoice, send to Accounting Services


If ever in doubt, call Accounting Services at (931) 221-7671.  Your may also visit their web site for more information (visit).

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