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Summer Housing Application

Meacham Apartment will be offered for Summer 2014

  • Maymester: 5/11 - 5/31  ($200, However if you are currently residing on campus and registered for either Maymester or Summer 1 classes – no housing rent charge)
  • Summer1: 6/1 - 7/3  ($500)
  • Summer2: 7/5 - 8/9  ($500)
  • Full Summer: 6/1 - 8/9  ($1000)
  • * NO Interim Housing offered during 8/10 - 8/22

The following conditions will apply during Summer period housing:
1. OCCUPANCY: Applicant must be a current student for may semester, full summer or summer I to be eligible for summer housing assignment.
2. RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY: The University does not assume any legal obligation to pay for loss or damage to items of personal property.
3. LOCKOUTS DURING INTERIM: During the hours of 8 am – 4:30 pm, Mon.-Fri., you may checkout a loaner key from the Office of Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services. During the hours of 4:30 pm – 7 pm, Mon. – Fri., you must contact the Office of Public Safety from 221-7786. From 7 pm – 7 am daily, you must contact the RA on Duty for your hall. On weekends from 7 am – 7 pm,  you must contact Public Safety.
4. DINING SERVICES: Meal plans will not be available during summer period.
5. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Summer residents are expected to comply fully with all Residence Life policies and procedures and the APSU Student Code of Conduct. Violators will be subject to University disciplinary action.
6. CANCELLATION: A written request must be submitted to the Office of Housing/Residence Life before the first day of the summer period in order to cancel your application for summer housing and not be charged summer fees. Failure to cancel your summer application before this deadline could result in improper check-out fees charged to your account.
7. CURRENT SPRING 2014 RESIDENTS: who apply for SummerI OR Full Summer can stay over the Maymester period for free.