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Meet A Few Of Us

Clarissa Pulley, Alumna

In the four years that I have been at APSU, I accomplished much more than I expected I would at the beginning of my freshman year. I received the Outstanding Philosophy Student Award my sophomore year, and since then, I have received the Nathaniel Dempsey Memorial Award for Excellence in Philosophy, a SURF grant to conduct summer research in Indian religious traditions, and was given the amazing opportunity to attend Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy at Rutgers University. I have had the opportunity to present my research at two undergraduate philosophy conferences, held respectively in Memphis and Syracuse, NY. Additionally, I have been able to study abroad twice. I studied in Spain for four weeks the summer before my junior year, and I spent the fall semester of my senior year studying in Sweden.

Without a doubt, I could not have accomplished so much without the constant encouragement and support I received from the professors and students in the Honors Program. My honors professors were always genuinely curious about my personal interests, and I always left conversations with book suggestions, names of people I should contact, or opportunities I should research. The students in the program have been so helpful, and I have benefited greatly from interacting with such driven, hard-working, and engaged individuals.

With the love of philosophy and travel that I have developed as an honors student at APSU, I will study Indian religions in India for six weeks soon after my graduation, and in the fall, I will begin my graduate studies in the Ph.D. program for philosophy at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. It is only in retrospect, however, that I see how my involvement in the Honors program has shaped my undergraduate experience in such positive ways. I imagine that as I continue my studies, the blessings that I have received from the professors and student in the program will become more obvious, and for this, I am forever grateful. 

Allison Hamilton, Alumna

Major: Art 

Minor: Education

"The Honors Program has allowed me a space to study and work in 24/7 which is not offered to all students because other buildings have a specific closing time.  It also allows me to exhibit my research."

Brittany Meyer, Junior

Major: Theatre Design/Tech

"I really enjoy that the honors courses connect me with other students who want to work just as hard and have a successful future. I also love that the Honors Commons is open 24 hours because I‘ve learned I study better late at night."

Keedy Burdeshaw, Senior

Major: Communication

“Having a close community [in the Honors Program] has helped me adjust to being in college. There are the same students in my classes, and we live together in Harvill Hall. My favorite Honors class is Communications 1010 with Tracy Nichols, because it’s the first time that we’ve had an Honors Public Speaking Class.”

Jake Fust, Alumnus

Major: Communications - Information Specialist

“The Honors Program has aided me in multiple ways. It provides me with the option to take courses on a higher level giving me a challenge that benefits my academics. The structure and faculty it provides is like a family and they have given me a firm foundation to succeed in college. Along with these benefits, I am also allowed access to the Commons where I may study and converse with other intellectual individuals. In all, it is a great program for those who want to flourish in college.”

Maggie Jackson, Alumna

Major: Communication Arts – Theatre Performance

“Of course, Austin Peay State University’s Honors Program has helped me to transcend the typical college classroom experience by allowing me to enroll in Honors classes (which are more challenging, personal, and engaging than their standard counterparts). However, more importantly, the program has provided me with the opportunity to plug-in to a community full of other eager, dedicated teachers and learners alike. Whether it be during our meaty, in-depth class discussions or our friendly, offhanded conversations in the Honors Commons, simply interacting so often with Honors students and professors keeps me driven to pursue a lifetime as an open-minded, creative, inquisitive, and intellectually well-rounded individual.”

Gwen Hays, Alumna

Major: History and Political Science

“I like the Honors Program because it challenges me. The rest of my classes – ones that are standard and do not have honors contracts – are easy and remind me of high school level courses. With the Honors Program, my classes are much more challenging and they are what I would expect of college-level courses. Both the classes and faculty push me towards my potential. The Honors Program also gives us the resource of the Honors Commons. I can go and have something in common with all of the other students, regardless of their major or their classification. Whether they’re freshmen or non-traditional, I can always get help from other Honors students.”

Ashley Burke, Alumna

Major: Biology and Chemistry

“The Honors Program here at Austin Peay really maintains that academic atmosphere that was established in all past A.P. and Honors classes, which you really don’t see in normal classes on campus. Being able to express different concepts and topics for discussion within the program is such an important aspect in college, as well as in life, that helps to continue growth of knowledge all around. If anything, that is the main reason that the Honors Program has helped me—where else would I be able to talk about scientific research or research in general without getting weird looks?”

Samuel Cupp, Alumnus

Major: Physics

“The Honors Program at APSU greatly improved my experience in core and introductory courses with the Honors classes. These classes not only have smaller size, but also have students who are more devoted to school and interested in learning. Also, the honors program and honors housing (Harvill Hall) help new students meet others who are likely to be equally committed to academic success in college.”