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Honors Opportunities

Honors students are not limited to receiving Honors credit through academic classes. We also allow students to receive Honors credit for various diverse opportunities and experiences that allow for individual and intellectual growth.

Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research is designed "to connect APSU undergraduates with opportunities to conduct research and creative activity. From the application process, to pursuing funding and presenting your findings, we’re here to help you every step of the way. You can even apply to receive OUR funding for your project!"

For more information on projects that OUR has funded in the past and how to become involved, visit

Students can also complete a summer undergraduate research fellowship for credit.

Study Abroad Experience

"Studying abroad isn’t just taking a trip.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits.  And with programs lasting as few as two weeks and financial aid available, it’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!"

There are various study abroad excursions throughout the year that range from a few weeks to a full year. These opportunities can be found through the Office of International Education at

Honors students earn 3 Honors credit hours per trip.

Service Learning Classes

Service Learning classes are for all majors and disciplines. "These courses will have expectations that students will engage in academic service learning that includes participating in community service, between 13 - 15 hours throughout the semester. Faculty will provide an orientation to service learning at the beginning of the semester to introduce students to the benefits and opportunities that academic service learning brings to the classroom."

There are many different service learning courses offered at APSU. In addition to an Honors Service Learning Public Speaking course that was recently introduced, there are plenty of other options that can be viewed on the Service Learning webpage at


The Honors Program offers various workshops throughout the semester. These include topics on everything from resume building, to interviewing skills, to the requirements of scholarship application essays.

Linked Classes

The Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for a few designated upper-class courses called "linked classes." These classes are co-requisites to one another, requiring that both are taken in the same semester. The classes cover similar material but are taught from two different teaching perspectives. In the past, we have offered an Honors Mythology course in conjunction with a Philosophy Metaphysics course.

TCHC State Conference Presentations

Each year, the Honors Program brings students to the Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council State Conference. Students have the opportunity to present poster research, have a panel discussion, or present a ten-minute presentation on a topic of their choosing.

Honors Symposium Presentations

The Honors Symposium is similar to the educational presentations at TCHC; however, the presentations are contained within Austin Peay. Students can choose to present a research paper or educational session at the Honors Symposium.

Honors Thesis

Students can earn Honors credit by writing an Honors thesis. For more information, contact Dr. Barnes at