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M.A. in Military History with Optional Security Studies Certificate

This degree may be completed online or on campus.

College of Arts and Letters
Department of History and Philosophy
Dr. David Snyder, Program Coordinator
Location: Harned Hall, Room 328
Phone: (931) 221-7923
Email: snyderdr@apsu.edu

No matter what your profession, the study of history will improve your ability to think strategically and analytically. From the classical world to current warfare, you will have the opportunity to examine aspects of military history ranging from culture and religious beliefs to tactics and diplomacy.

Admission Requirements

***All Documents should be sent directly to Graduate Admissions.***

Graduate Admissions
Austin Peay State University
Kimbrough, Room 203
P.O. Box 4458
Clarksville TN 37044
Toll Free: (800) 859-4723
Office: (931) 221-7662
Fax: (931) 221-7641

Austin Peay State University’s Department of History and Philosophy  reserves  the  right  to deny admissions to prospective  graduate  students on the basis of their academic performance, professional qualifications, and personal conduct.


Courses for Completion of Degree (36 Hours)

The Master of Arts in Military History is open to students with a bachelor's degree in ANY field. The program offers a thesis and non-thesis track, with all students completing 36 hours of coursework. Students who choose to write a thesis will complete 10 courses (30 credit hours) and earn the remaining six credit hours through HIST 5024, “Thesis Research.”

Students who wish to earn a graduate Certificate in Security Studies should complete four of the following security studies courses: HIST 5009, HIST 5010, HIST 5016, HIST 5017, HIST 5019, and HIST 5022.

Note: Beginning Fall Semester 2015, HIST 5001 must be taken the first fall semester in which the student is enrolled.

2013 - 2017 Schedule of Course Offerings

Admission to Candidacy/Program of Study Form

Required Courses Credits
HIST 5001 Research Methods 3
HIST 5025 Military Historiography and Criticism 3
HIST 5015 Philosophical Perspectives on War and 
Justice: War and Ethics
Elective Courses (Choose 9)
HIST 5002 Warfare in the Classical World 3
HIST 5003 The Military Revolution and the State 3
HIST 5004 War of American Independence, 1775-1783 3
HIST 5005 The U.S. Civil War 3
HIST 5006 The U.S. Army and the Settlement of the West 3
HIST 5007 World War I 3
HIST 5008 World War II 3
HIST 5009 Cold War I, 1945-1960 3
HIST 5010 Cold War II, 1960-1991 3
HIST 5011 Cold War Political-Diplomatic Issues 3
HIST 5012 German Military History 3
HIST 5013 Navies and Empires, 1900-Present 3
HIST 5014 U.S. Military and American Society 3
HIST 5016 The Battle for God: Jihad, Herem and Other Theologies of War and Peace 3
HIST 5017 The Military in Nontraditional Roles 3
HIST 5018 Special Operations Perspectives 3
HIST 5019 Unconventional Warfare in History 3
HIST 5021 Islam as a World View 3
HIST 5022 American Foreign Policy in the 20th Century 3
HIST 5023 Directed Independent Readings 3
HIST 5024 Thesis Research 3
HIST 5026 European Military History 3
HIST 5027 American Military History to 1919 3
HIST 5028 American Military History since 1919 3
HIST 5030 Thesis Research 6
HIST 5031 The Samurai Tradition in Japanese History 3
HIST 5032 Medieval Warfare 3
HIST 5033 History of Airpower 3
HIST 5034 The Economy and Modern Warfare 3
HIST 5037 The Vietnam War 3
HIST 5038 The Grand Strategy of the Russian Empire 3
HIST 5040 Early American Historiography to 1865 3
HIST 5041 American Historiography since 1865 3
HIST 5991 Research Requirement Completion 1