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Enabling screensavers - Mac

  1. To lock your screen instantly, hold down control, shift, and the power button. To resume, press any key.
  2. To set up a screen saver, go to System Preferences and click ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’.
    screensavers - mac 01 
  3. Click ‘Screen Saver’.
    screensavers - mac 02 
  4. Choose a Screen Saver on the left. Choose how long to wait before the screensaver activates. A good interval is any number higher than 10 minutes. Click ‘Show All’.
    screensavers - mac 04 
  5. Click ‘Security & Privacy’.
    screensavers - mac 05 
  6. Click the lock.
    screensavers - mac 06 
  7. Input your computer’s username and password and click ‘Unlock’.
    screensavers - mac 07 
  8. Check the box next to ‘Require a password:’ and then choose ‘immediately’ in the dropdown list. Click the lock again to save your changes.
    screensavers - mac 08