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TBR eLearning Mobile Library

TBR eLearning Mobile Library

Launching (August 1st) New Services to TBR Faculty/Staff/Students for Fall 2011:  Mobile App Resource Bank & Mobile App Reference Librarian

TBR eLearning Faculty MERLOT Committee has established a draft for quality standards for mobile apps and how to use apps for teaching, learning, and workforce development (see attached).

TBR eLearning has created a Mobile App Resource Bank to assist faculty, staff, and students in locating mobile apps according to their needs: 

- App Use: (teaching, learning, research, workforce, professional development, and lifelong learning)

-App Type: (iPad/iPod/iPhone/Android Phone/Android Tablets/Google/Blackberry/web-based)

- Education Level for App (Preschool to Ph.D)

-Workforce Clusters (based upon the State Department Career Clusters)

-Publishers' App (aligned with eTextbooks, curriculum, student outcomes)

**Upon selecting their needs a list of mobile apps will be provided** 


 App Review & Demonstration: Podcasting Apps (system wide cost saving) Furthermore, if faculty and staff (not students) find a mobile app that cost over $5.00 that is an 'educational changer' in terms of improving teaching, learning, research, and workforce development (and it can be documented that there is no campus/center level funding) then they may submit a request for the committee to review for possible beta testing purchase. Our goal is to purchase the app and create a podcast of it so that others may view the features and educational benefits prior to volume purchases.



*Also included on the website are directions for creating free website shortcut apps using Safari. This will allow faculty and staff to use the MERLOT Learning Objects and Lesson Resources ( as mobile apps on their mobile devices and smartphones.


TBR Library Reference Mobile Apps (free cross platform) ACCESS My College Library, EBSCO, maps, journals, news, databases, reference materials, Library of Congress, Science Journal, Library Anywhere, CPL Sports Research Center, British Library 19th Century Collection, MERLOT


If faculty and staff members need assistance in finding mobile apps in their discipline then they may contact the TBR eLearning Virtual Mobile App Librarian and we will find mobile apps in their area of interest to review.