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Faculty/Staff Email - Android

To view a PDF of these instructions, click here.

  1. Go to Settings, located under All Apps.
    Android screenshot 01 
  2. Tap ‘Accounts & sync’.
    Android screenshot 02 
  3. Tap ‘Add account’.
     Android screenshot 03
  4. Tap ‘Exchange ActiveSync’.
    Android screenshot 04 
  5. Input the entire faculty/staff email address ( in this example) and the password. Tap ‘Manual setup’.
    Android screenshot 05 
  6. Input for the ‘Server address’. The ‘Domain’ will stay blank. The ‘Username’ should read your entire email address. Make sure the checkbox for ‘This server requires an encrypted SSL connection’ is checked. Tap ‘Next’.
    Android screenshot 06 
  7. Choose what is to be synced. DO NOT SYNC CONTACTS. This will sync with the entire APSU address book. Choose how often new mail is delivered. Tap ‘Next’.
    Android screenshot 07 
  8. Set up an Account name. This will identify it if there is more than one email account synced. Tap ‘Finish setup’.
    Android screenshot 08 
  9. A message similar to this one will appear. We require certain security policies to protect our resources. You will have to set a passcode to unlock the phone when it is locked. Tap ‘OK’.
    Android screenshot 09 
  10. If the wrong passcode is entered too many times, the phone’s memory will be wiped. If you accept this policy, tap ‘Activate’.
    Android screenshot 10 
  11. Choose a PIN or Password to use to unlock your phone.
    Android screenshot 11 
  12. In this example I have chosen a PIN. Input the passcode of your choice. Tap ‘Okay’. Input it a second time for verification and tap ‘Okay’.
    Android screenshot 12