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Cisco AnyConnect VPN

To Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN:

Be sure you have a connection to the Internet (This connection cannot be on any APSU campus otherwise the VPN will not install.  You will need to connect from home or other off-site location.) 

Once you have established that you are connected to the internet.  If not already open, open a network browser such as Internet Explorer and in the Address bar type

Next, login with your email username (the first part of your email address before the @ symbol) and password.

The AnyConnect program will try to install automatically.  If it does not, a yellow bar will appear and a message will ask you to install the ActiveX plug-in required.  In Windows XP the yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen.  In Windows Vista or Windows 7 the yellow bar usually appears on the bottom of the screen.  Click (or right click) on the yellow bar and select to install (run) ActiveX.  After it installs you may need to refresh the webpage.  (Note: it is possible that the install of the application will stall out.  If it does, you will see an option appear to download and install the application manually.  Click the link provided to install.)

If the yellow bar does not appear, the security settings or protected mode is set too high for your browser to allow the install.  If you are unsure how to change this please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Next, you will start to install the AnyConnect program.  Click yes to proceed through any security warnings you may receive (such as a webpage that informs you that you attempted to access a site that is not certified, you will need to select the link to continue anyway) and accept any defaults.  AnyConnect will install and inform you when it is connected.


To Run Cisco AnyConnect VPN:

Locate the AnyConnect (Secure Mobility) VPN Client located either on your Desktop or Under the All Programs menu.

Open the program.

In the field labeled “Connect to” or “Server” enter the address, if it is not currently there.

Click the button labeled “Select”

Enter your username and password and hit Enter.

As the program connects you may be prompted to accept a security certificate.  Click “yes” to continue. 

In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, on the task bar, a new icon will appear. 

To disconnect from VPN, right click on the icon and select Disconnect.