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Services Provided

  • Unlimited visits with the medical staff for illness and/or injury
  • Gynecology services (annual pelvic exams/Pap smear, STD testing)
  • Well-patient physical examinations
  • Allergy injections (Monday - Friday, 7 - 11 a.m. unless your physician orders differently)
    Antigens must be brought to Health Services along with written instructions from the allergist.
    • Instructions must include the dosage schedule, an identifying label with the patient’s name and vial number, and the physician’s name and address. Any changes in the dosage schedule require written authorization from the allergist. We do not provide allergy testing but will refer patients seeking testing to a qualified health care provider.
  • Immunizations and tuberculin testing: MMR immunizations are $65 per shot; Tuberculin skin testing is $15. We also provide hepatitis B and tetanus, which must be paid for by the student. Costs for these immunizations vary.
  • Laboratory and Phlebotomy services: Various laboratory testing needed for a diagnostic work-up can be performed with a medical order. Phlebotomy services or drawing of blood is done in our office. Although most laboratory testing is ordered by Health Services personnel, patients may bring orders from their private health care provider. Most laboratory tests are sent out to a private reference laboratory.
    • In-house procedures include Rapid Strep testing, urinalysis, urine pregnancy testing, fingerstick blood sugar, and microscopic evaluation (when indicated).
  • Health Education