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Rebel Diaz Concert on 10/12 at 8pm in Clement Auditorium

Rebel Diaz 10/12/13

Internationally acclaimed hip-hop group Rebel Diaz will perform at the upcoming SDS National Convention. SDS is the largest anti-war and education rights student activist organization in the US today. Rebel Diaz is a political hip hop trio out of the Bronx, NY and Chicago, IL consisting of Chilean brothers Rodrigo Venegas Gonzalo Venegas and Julio Calderon, an internationally recognized DJ.  Rebel Diaz will be hosting a workshop on Hip Hop and Immigration which is part of the SDS National Convention. These events are part of the SDS National Convention and you are invited to register through this link


Clement Auditorium

8 p.m. 

Free and Open to the Public

Mature Content

Sponsored by: Hispanic Cultural, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), and Clarksville SDS

Music from Rebel Diaz

I'm an Alien  


Troy Davis Lives Forever: This song is for those interested in social justice, international/world politics, human rights, or ending the death penalty.  On 09/21/11, Troy Davis was executed in Georgia despite doubts being raised over the conviction.  


Soy Rebelde (I'm a Rebel): This song features a song sample from a late 1960s spanish pop ballad with the same title. 

Soy de Aqui: This song is all in Spanish.  

If I Can't Dance: This song is in English.

Interviews/Articles on Rebel Diaz

Critical Insights Interview: Hip Hop, Capitalism, and Social Justice

Resistencia Bookstore Interview on Southern Shift TV: How to Organize Your Hood and not being a Studio Rebel.  Rodstarz shares his thoughts on community organizing and the creation of a community arts center in the South Bronx (New York).