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Practicing Spanish

Hispanic Cultural Center Conversation Labs

Dr. Miguel Ruiz comes to the center throughout the week to offer free tutoring and conversation labs to all students taking Spanish. Come by the HCC for more specific information on his tutoring schedule.


Learn Spanish through play.

  • Spanish Phrases Flash Cards: 1000  cards covers glossary of essential words, travel, entertainment/sports, food/restaurant, clothes/shopping, money/bank, school/workplace, people/family, habitat, health/body, directions, weather/seasons, calendar, time, colors, exclamations, negatives, questions, and basics/greetings.
  • Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards: 1000 cards covers adjectives, adverbs, verbs, questions, body/health, food/restaurant/drink, sports/entertainment, studies/workplace, family/titles, habitat, weather, time, directions, travel, greetings, bank, clothes, and numbers.
  • Scrabble: English and Spanish version
  • Verb It: Players race to collect 1,000 pesos.  The game covers presente tense, imperfect subjunctive, and Latin American culture and geography.
  • Loteria (original edition) 
  • Spanish Cultural Trivia
  • Cognate Frenzy: This game can help with vocabulary reinforcement and recognition for upper-level Spanish students.  First year Spanish students will recognize basic vocabulary and pop culture items.  There are vocabulary lists with translations on all cards for any words you may not know.
  • CuĂ©ntame Tell Me Spanish Conversation Starter: Draw a question card and begin a conversation.  Includes 286 question cards.   

Hispanic Cultural Center Library Collection

The library collection includes copies of Spanish textbooks, English-Spanish dictionary, Latino literature, literature in Spanish, and a DVD/VHS collection.