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Documented Watch Party and Discussion on Immigration

Documented Watch Party and Discussion on Immigration

The non-profit has declared June to be Immigrant Heritatge Month.  The month of June has been dedicated to celebrating a United States that is fueled by an immigrant tradition.  Immigrants have played a role in the shaping the hisotry and culture of the United States.

Email and tell us how your family got to the United States. Share your story using #WelcomeUs

As part of Immigrant Heritage Month, the Hispanic Cultural Center is partnering with Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education to bring you a watch party of the documentary film Documented and a follow-up discussion on Immigration.


About the filmIn 2011, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas outed himself as an undocumented immigrant in an essay published in the New York Times Magazine. DOCUMENTED chronicles his journey to America from the Philippines as a child; his journey through America as an immigration reform activist; and his journey inward as he reconnects with his mother, whom he hasn’t seen in person in over 20 years.

About Immigrant Heritage Month: Visit or their facebook page.

Sign up ahead of time for the Watch Party and discussion on Immigration.

Children, family members, and community welcome to attend.