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DACA Students

What is DACA?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an action that was declared by the Secretary of Homeland Security that permits undocumented youth to remain (and possibly work) in the United States if brought by their parents at a young age and they present no safety risk. Students who successfully complete the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process are DACA recipients. For more information on requirements and the application process, visit:

What is APSU's policy on DACA recipients?

Visit the APSU admissions page to read about the Tennessee Eligiblity Verification for Entitlements Act: who are granted "deferred action" status are eligible for work authorization.  They can also obtain social security cards, work authorization cards and, in some states, driver licenses.   This deferred action status does NOT confer "lawful presence" status under federal law or Tennessee state law.  Specifically, "deferred action status" does NOT satisfy the requirement of "lawful presence" under the EVEA.

Can a DACA recipient or undocumented student attend Austin Peay State University?

Yes, you are able to attend Austin Peay State University, regardless of your citizenship status, if you meet the university requirements. 

When filling out the application, what do DACA recipients or undocumented students put in place of their social security number? 

DACA recipients’ social security number is for work purposes only. Do not provide a social security number on the admissions application.  This number is not required. 

What do I put as my citizenship status on the application if I am a DACA recipient or undocumented student?  

On your application, you can select non-resident alien as your citizenship status

I have applied to APSU and received a letter requesting proof of citizenship?  What should I do?

If you are a DACA recipient, submit a copy of the approval letter.  

How much is tuition for a DACA or undocumented student? 

There are various factors that might have an effect on tuition. Use the tuition estimator for a reasonable estimate.  Both DACA and undocumented students would pay out of state tuition fees at APSU.

Are DACA recipients eligible for state aid or federal aid?

DACA recipients are not currently eligible for state aid or federal aid. This includes federal student loans.

Can a DACA recipient fill out the FAFSA?

NO.  DACA should not complete a FAFSA application. Financial information may be required for scholarship purposes but additional different documentation will be completed. 

Are DACA recipients eligible for the H.O.P.E. scholarship?

No, DACA recipients are not eligible for the TN H.O.P.E. scholarship. The HOPE scholarship is a form of state financial aid.

Can a DACA recipient work at the university as a student worker?

DACA recipients may not participate in the Work-Study program because it is considered federal aid. With the Employment Authorization Document, DACA recipients may apply for open student employment opportunities.

Can DACA recipients apply for university scholarships?

Yes, DACA recipients may apply for university scholarships.

Do DACA recipients have to pay for their classes all at once?

Austin Peay offers payment plans options to help students better manage paying for college.  You may also want to consider attending part-time.



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