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Supporting Your Student

If your student decides to go through the recruitment process, there are a few things you can do to help…

  • Encourage him/her to attend campus events and join student organizations. This is a great way to meet active Greeks and learn about their chapters. Membership in other campus organizations will be looked upon favorably during the recruitment process.
  • Support your student during recruitment and new member education. Ask questions and learn about the organization.
  • Keep an open mind. Greek life is not for everyone and your student may decide it’s not the right choice for him/her.
  • Remember that fraternity and sorority reputations vary by campus. The strengths/weaknesses you may have witnessed when you were in college don’t apply to every chapter. Let your student choose the group that fits best.
  • Talk with your student about the financial obligation. Who will pay? What are the financial limits?
  • If your student has questions about Greek life, have him/her make phone calls and inquiries. It will help him/her mature and gain assertiveness.
  • Keep contact information for the office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs on hand in case you have questions or concerns about Greek life at APSU.