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Frat at Bat Rules and Regulations

Austin Peay State University Interfraternity Council’s

“Frat at Bat 2013”

Official Rules and Regulations

 IFC’s “Frat at Bat” is a home run derby-style event in which contestants attempt to hit balls thrown by a pitching machine with a regulation aluminum baseball bat. The contestant who hits the most home runs will be declared the winner.

Eligibility: All APSU students are eligible to participate in Frat at Bat, with the exception of any student who is currently an active member of the APSU Governors baseball or Lady Govs softball teams. Members of APSU’s Greek community are particularly encouraged to participate in Frat at Bat. However, no more than three (3) members from each IFC, PC, or NPHC chartered organization are allowed to participate.

Rules: Frat at Bat will be divided up into three (3) rounds.

Round 1: All competitors will participate in round 1. Contestants will continue to attempt to hit home runs until they have accrued five (5) “outs”: an out being defined as either (a) a struck ball that goes into foul ball territory, which will be defined by chalked lines, (b) as a swing wherein the competitor’s arms are fully extended and whose bat made no contact with the ball, or (c) a squarely-hit pitch which touches the ground short of the pre-determines ‘home run’ mark. Pitches that are not swung at will not be counted as outs. After all competitors have accrued five outs, the 15 competitors who hit the highest number of home runs will be selected to move on to round 2. In the event of a tie for 15th place, all competitors with the 15th highest home run count will move on to round 2.

Round 2: The competitors with the top 15 home run counts will be selected to participate in round 2. The rules will be the same as round 1, and competitors will swing until they accrue five (5) outs. After all competitors have accrued five outs, the competitors with the top five home run counts will be selected to move on to round 3.

Round 3: The competitors with the top 5 highest home run counts will be selected to continue on to round 3. Unlike the previous two rounds, the competitors in round 3 will continue to swing at pitched balls until they accrue ten (10) outs. The outs in this round will follow the same rules that are outlined in Round 1. After all players have accumulated ten outs, the competitor with the highest home run count will be declared champion.

Note: In the event that two or more competitors accrue the same home run count in the final round, a tie-breaker round will be conducted between all players with the highest home run count. This round will continue until all contestants have achieved five (5) outs. If a tie still remains between two or more players, successive tie-breaker rounds will be held until only one competitor has the highest home run count. This competitor will be declared champion.

Addendum: Any and all rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the IFC Executive Council, APSU Greek Life coordinator, or various other university officials.