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If you think fraternities and sororities are all about parties and socializing, THINK AGAIN! At Austin Peay, Greeks are leaders, scholars and volunteers.


Greek life offers unique opportunities for hands-on leadership experience. By serving as a chapter officer, event planner, team captain, committee chair or recruitment coordinator, your student will gain valuable leadership skills.


Academics are a top priority for APSU Greeks. Each chapter is required to maintain a 2.5 average GPA and every member must keep a 2.5 semester GPA. Chapters also compete each semester to earn the highest GPA among Greeks. As a member, your child will have access to tutoring, study hours and other special programs.

Philanthropy & Community Service

From food drives to fundraisers, APSU Greeks are constantly conducting and taking part in philanthropy and community service projects. Many sororities and fraternities devote an entire week each year to hosting special events that raise funds for a specific charity. Additionally, Greeks often participate in community-wide service projects like APSU’s “Plant the Campus Red” beautification project and the Big Event program.