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APSU Pre-Award Process

1. Read APSU’s Policies and Procedures for Research and Sponsored Programs. These policies will be provided on the Institutional Forms page. Please note that the policies link has recently been updated (as of March 2018). Please contact ORSP for any additional information.

2. Identify an Appropriate External Funding Source: Feel free to use any of the public or subscription-based databases located on the Funding Sources page to identify agencies and opportunities that are closely matched with your concept and project.

3. Notify ORSP of your Intent to Apply: Notify ORSP (as well as your Academic Dean) via webform as soon as possible regarding your intent to apply for external funds. This stage is critical for ORSP to plan and prepare for your upcoming submission, as the appropriate amount of time must be allotted in the schedule to accommodate budget revisions, routing, and electronic submission. When notifying ORSP and your Academic Dean about your intent to apply, please provide the following information:

4. Draft the Proposal and Budget. Please make an appointment to speak with an OSP staff member during the proposal and budget development stage to ensure that the funding request is compliant with institutional, federal, state, or local guidelines. During this stage, ORSP may assign internal peer reviewers, mentors, or other personnel who can assist you in the development of your proposal (especially for faculty members new to the grant writing process). In addition, ORSP is pleased to work directly with project directors in developing their proposal.

5. Submit to ORSP Within Seven Days of the Due Date: Submit the final, completed proposal (including budget, budget narrative, abstract, and all additional materials) to ORSP within seven business days of the due date. Please note: submittal of materials after this deadline may not guarantee approval for submission. 

6. Route the Proposal: ORSP will initiate the routing process and will work directly with the principal investigator to ensure the accuracy of the internal Routing Form. This form ensures that the APSU administration has been made aware of, and endorses, the formal request for external funding. Routing Forms generally take three days for approval. After a project is routed, no significant changes should be made occur within the budget or narrative. The principal investigator will be notified of final status of their approval process. ORSP will submit approved projects in a timely manner, in accordance with GSR scheduling priorities. Verification of submission will be provided to all grantees.

7. Obtain IRB/IACUC Approval: Project directors are encouraged to immediately begin the IRB/IACUC process if their grants require approval. Please note that if the externally funded program requires IRB or IACUC approval, the project director may not begin grant activities until all appropriate personnel are approved to do so by the respective committees. Please be advised that project directors are not eligible to determine that their own activity is exempt or non-exempt.

8. Formal Submission: Completed and approved projects (including narratives, budgets, and appendices) will be submitted directly by ORSP, unless written authorization is provided by the Director of ORSP allowing the project director to submit directly. 

9. Next Steps: During the Pre-award period, the PI should schedule a meeting with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to discuss any budget concerns that must occur prior to grant contract execution (e.g., funding students, pre-award spending, and new regulations).

Receiving the Contract/Award

When a grantor issues an award (or declination), official notification will be made via phone, letter, and/or email. Recipients may include the President, ORSP, and/or the Project Director. Additionally, the U.S. Senator’s Office or local Congressman’s Office may be notified. If awarded, APSU will receive an official Grant Award Notification (GAN) which must be fully executed (see Policy 7:003). This contract will bind the institution to the terms outlined in the award notification.

Contracts/Award Notices

All fully executed award notifications will be kept on file in ORSP. Accounting Services will establish a unique Banner account for each contract using a specific Fund Number, Organization Code, Account Category, and Program Code (FOAP). The PI/PD will be notified of the appropriate codes and will be expected to attend Banner training sessions for efficient administration.