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Post-Award Process

  1. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will forward the fully executed contract to the Grants Accountant.
  2. Once the PI receives a letter of award notification, the PI should schedule a meeting with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to discuss budget execution (e.g., contract execution date, access to funding dollars, funding students and other grant participants, and new regulations).

  3. The PI must submit the budget to the Grants Accountant, if not already specified in the contract or Grant Award Notification (GAN).
  4. The Grants Accountant will create a new fund in Banner and will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) and ORSP of the Banner FOAP.
  5. The PI should contact the Grants Accountant to schedule a grant specific training session in Banner. Banner training for larger groups is available at APSU through the Director of Financial Systems and Reporting.
  6. The PI will provide the names and employee numbers to Human Resources of personnel being paid by the grant or contract.
  7. In accordance with 2 CFR 200.430, all personnel receiving compensation from Federal funds or Federal flow-through funds are required to submit Time Distribution Reports. These should be submitted to OSP monthly, in accordance with the individual's proportionate share of the institutional base salary (IBS) for the service period. Investigators working on multiple projects must one form for each funded award documenting the appropriate time and effort allocated to each grant.
  8. The PI must submit any request for Temporary Help or Extra Compensation to ORSP.
  9. The Grants Accountant will be responsible for submitting any and all necessary reimbursement information to the sponsor. The PI will fill out the necessary Accounting and Human Resources forms (listed below) and submit them to the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs for Processing.
  10. The PI will be responsible for monitoring expenses from within their grant budget. PI’s are always welcome to contact ORSP or the Grants Accountant for assistance.
  11. All grant and/or contract expenditures must have the signature of the Director of Sponsored Programs, in addition to the signature of the Grants Accountant, before being processed.
  12. The Grants Accountant will bill according to the grant contract and will file necessary financial reports after review by the PI. All programmatic reporting that is to be submitted to the funding agency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) must be submitted to OSP for approval prior to submission. 
  13. The PI, in cooperation with Accounting Services, will be responsible for proper project closeout at the end of an award period. The grants accountant will prepare final financial reports to be reviewed by the PI. Programmatic reports must be submitted to OSP prior to submission for approval a minimum of five days prior to the due date.

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