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About Us

Physics and Astronomy at APSU

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at APSU emphasizes student-faculty interaction both inside and outside the classroom.  Upper-level students are given free access to department facilities, and many of our students participate in research with faculty.

Student Success

Most of APSU’s physics students participate in undergraduate research, not only at APSU, but all over the country – and the world.  The APSU Department of Physics and Astronomy has averaged more than 10 physics majors per summer accepting paid research opportunities at NASA, National Laboratories and other research institutions.

Graduate Success

APSU has an exceedingly versatile physics program.  It can be tailored to the students' interests and the needs of almost any science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career.  While a graduate degree is not necessary for a career in the STEM disciplines, a masters degree can make a big difference in terms of long-term career options.  APSU physics graduates have been accepted to graduate school in fields such as: