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Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

  • Interim VP, Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Chair
  • Jaime Taylor, Interim Provost
  • Mercy Cannon, Faculty Senate President
  • Sherryl Byrd, VP of Student Affairs
  • Dixie Webb, Dean, College of Arts and Letters
  • Patty Orr, Director, Nursing
  • Roy Gregory, Executive Director, University Advancement
  • Dana Willett, Dean, Extended and Distance Education
  • Carlette Hardin, Dean, College of Education
  • Dixie Dennis, Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Mitch Robinson, VP for Finance and Administration
  • David Denton, Dean, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
  • Joe Weber, Director, Library
  • William Rupp, Dean, College of Business
  • Alex King, Interim Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
  • Bill Persinger, Executive Director, Public Relations and Marketing
  • William Cox, Executive Director, APSU Center at Ft. Campbell
  • Derek van der Merwe, Director, Athletics
  • Melissa Hunter, Director, IRE
  • Stephanie Reevers, University Attorney
  • Frank Parcells, Faculty Representative
  • Moniqueka Gold, Faculty Representative
  • Francisca Farrar, Faculty Representative
  • Loretta Griffy, Faculty Representative
  • Zachary Gillman, SGA President
  • Jed Dugger, Student Representative
  • Shirley Connor, Staff Representative
  • Jammie Cox, Staff Representative
  • Shanon Manly, Staff Representative

The committee has the responsibility for advising the president relative to the development of strategic long-range plans for the university.  In addition, the committee is to assist in the development of a comprehensive planning program for the university and in monitoring the planning activities of all areas.  The committee will receive data relative to planning activities and use this data in the development of goals for the university. 

If you have questions or concerns, or would like more information about the Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee, please contact:

                                              Derek van der Merwe