Technology Access Fee Allocation Committee
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Technology Access Fee Allocation Committee

Membership 2017-2018:
  • Judy Molnar, Associate Vice President/CIO Information Technology, Co-chair
  • John Nicholson, Faculty Representative, Co-chair
  • Barry Jones, Faculty Representative
  • Frank Parcells, Faculty Representative
  • Martin Golson, Staff Representative
  • William Legier, Student Representative
  • Rebecca Jacks, Student Representative
  • Jordan Miller, Student Representative
  • Judy Molnar, Associate Vice President and CIO for Information Technology
  • Austin Siders, Information Technology Representative
  • Donna Johansen, Accounting Representative
  • Kristine Nakutis, Executive Director for Ft. Campbell Center
  • Denise Robledo, Director, Distance Education

The Technology Access Fee Allocation Committee reviews the faculty, staff, and/or administrative proposals for funding by the Technology Access Fees (TAF) and recommends funding identified proposals to the Information Technology Advisory Committee as a whole for final approval. 

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Technology Committee please contact:  

                             Judy Molnar or  John Nicholson
   E-Mail: or