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Parking Committee

Membership 2014-2015:
    • Christos Frentzos, Faculty Representative (Chair)

    • Tom Hutchins, Director of Physical Plant Operations (ex-officio)

    • Michael Kasitz, Director of Public Safety (ex officio)

    • Jonell Nicholson, Staff Representative

    • Michael Dominy, Staff Representative

    • Yewelline King, Staff Representative

    • Ramanjit Sahi, Faculty Representative

    • Lilian Obi, Staff Representative

    • James Goode, Faculty Representative

    • Aaron Cherry, Student Representative

    • Keyanna Peebles, Student Representative

    • Max Helms, Student Representative

    • Courtney Melton, Student Representative

    • Diyonka Massey, Student Representative

    • Joe Mills, Director of Housing (ex officio)


             The committee has the responsibility to review campus parking regulations and zoning, and compiling requests/ recommendations from the campus community.  The committee will provide recommendations to the director of public safety and the director of the physical plant for efficient parking operations.  The purview of the committee shall be limited to matters of parking, traffic flow, roads, and lighting.


If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Parking Committee,  please contact:  

                         Christos Frentzos