Residency Appeals Committee
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Residency Appeals Committee

Membership 2017-2018:
  • Perry Scanlan, Faculty Representative, Chair

  • Mollie Cashner, Faculty Representative, Incoming Chair 2018-2019

  • Robert Sirk, Faculty Representative

  • Nanci Woods, Faculty Representative
  • Patrick Vincent, Faculty Representative
  • Amy Corlew, Director of Admissions, ex officio

  • Jo Baldwin, Staff Representative

  • Brad Averitt, Coordinator, Graduate Admissions ex officio

  • Tonika  Jordan, Staff Representative

  • Telaina Wrigley, Registrar, ex officio

  • Rana Webb, Student Representative

  • Dereka Jones, Student Representative

The committee has the responsibility for assisting the Office of Admissions in the determination of student residency status of any student when a question arises concerning this matter.  As part of the APSU residency appeals process, the committee may be utilized by the Director of Admissions to assist in the review of applications of students who may not meet the stated admissions requirements for the university.  If the Director of Admissions calls on this committee, and the committee chooses to waive certain aspects of the requirements, it may do so.

The committee will meet at least once at the beginning of each semester; convening prior to Spring, Spring II, Summer, Fall and Fall II semesters as necessary.  Additionally, the committee may meet at other times as necessary.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Residency Appeals Committee, please contact:  

                                 Perry Scanlan