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Conflict of Interest

Membership 2016-2017:
  • Anne Wall, Faculty Representative (Chair)

  • Darren Michael, Faculty Representative

  • Stephanie Reevers, University Attorney (ex officio)

  • Blayne Clements, Director of Internal Audit, non-voting (ex officio)

  • Don Nyonna, Faculty Representative

  • Lisa Lewis, Faculty Representative

  • John Byrd, Faculty Representative

  • Tammy Cunningham, Staff Representative

The committee shall evaluate conflict of interest disclosures as well as allegations or concerns raised relating to possible conflicts of interests and shall make determinations regarding what actions may be required to manage, reduce or eliminate conflicts of interests.  The committee will also be responsible for reviewing disclosures submitted by employees concerning inventions, discoveries, and copyrightable materials which are derived from work supported by or through the institution, or which involve a significant use of the institution's resources.  Recommendations of the committee concerning the rights and responsibilities of all parties will be referred to the President for final determination. 

If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Conflict of Interest and Intellectual Property and Rights Committee, please contact:  

                                  Anne Wall
                         E-Mail:  walla@apsu.edu