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Homecoming Committee

Membership 2015-2016:
  • Nikki Peterson, Director, Alumni Relations (Co-Chair)
  • Victor Felts, Director, Student Life and Leadership (Co-chair)
  • Cheryl Holt, Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Bill Persinger, Executive Director, Public Relations and Marketing
  • Will Roberts, SGA President
  • Andy Kean, Director, University Center
  • Michael Kasitz, Director of Public Safety
  • Marc Brown, Student Organization Council President
  • Wes Atkinson, Faculty Representative
  • John Schnettler, Director of Bands
  • Stephen Dominy, Staff Representative
  • Tonya Leszczak, Coordinator, Alumni Relations
  • Tammy Bryant, Student Affairs 
  • Rylan Kean, Special Events Coordinator, Alumni Relatons

      The Homecoming Committee has the responsibility for developing the activities for homecoming each year.  In addition to agreeing on a theme and disseminating information relative to the theme and proposed activities, the committee will assist the appropriate administrative personnel in the development of these activities.

If you have questions, concerns, please contact:  

                         Nikki Peterson or Victor Felts