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Diversity Committee

Diversity Plan (2008-2010)

Membership 2014-2015:

  • Barry Kitterman, Faculty Representative, Chair
  • Michelle Blake, Faculty Representative
  • Ayman Alzaatreh, Faculty Representative
  • Meagan Mann, Faculty Representative
  • Lynn Simms, Faculty Representative
  • Erin Lynch, Faculty Representative
  • Lauren Lynch, Student Representative
  • Keyana Peebles, Student Representative
  • Miguel Ruiz-Aviles, Director of Hispanic Cultural Center
  • Henderson Hill, Director of African American Cultural Center (ex officio)
  • Marissa Chandler, Coordinator of International Education
  • Amy Deaton, Director of Admissions
  • Sheila Bryant, Director of Affirmative Action (ex officio)
  • Jaime Taylor, Interim Provost (ex officio)
  • Fonda Fields, Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Lynette Taylor,  Director, Disability Services
  • Daina Hunter, Staff Representative, (ex officio)


             The committee is responsible for developing strategies to attract and retain a diverse student body and to recruit, retain, advance, recognize, and promote a diverse faculty and staff.

             The committee should also develop strategies to encourage interaction among the university's diverse groups to enrich the educational experience and to prepare leaders to live and work in a competitive global community. 

             Finally, the committee should seek to provide guidance to the university community regarding ways of incorporating diversity in substantive and significant ways into teaching, learning and research.



If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the  Diversity Committee, please contact: 

                 Barry Kitterman