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Committee for Persons with Disabilities

Membership 2014-2015:
  • Danielle White, Faculty Representative (Chair)

  • Willodean Burton, Faculty Representative

  • Paul Collins, Faculty Representative

  • Tom Hutchins, Director of Physical Plant Operations (ex officio)

  • Sheila Bryant, Director, Affirmative Action  (ex officio)

  • Stuart Bonnington, Faculty Representative

  • Carrie Harris, Staff Representative

  • Margaret Rennerfeldt, Faculty Representative

  • Stephanie Reevers, University Attorney (ex officio)

  • Joe Mills, Director, Housing/Residence Life (ex officio)

  • Lynette Taylor,  Director, Disability Services (ex officio)

  • Sherry Koontz-Howell, Staff Representative

  • Tracey Bettencourt, Student Representative

  • Rachel Blevins, Student Representative


            The committee has the responsibility for developing policies related to the services and activities for handicapped students, faculty and staff on campus.  In addition, the committee should monitor questions relative to procedures and access, and make recommendations directly to the president concerning these matters.

If you have questions, concerns or more information about the Committee for Persons with Disabilities please e-mail:  

                                       Danielle White