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African American Cultural Center Advisory Committee

  • Henderson Hill, Director, African American Cultural Center (ex officio, Chair)

  • Carter Smith, Faculty Representative

  • Jean Murphy, Community Representative

  • Johnny Jones, Faculty Representative

  • Marcus Hayes, Faculty Representative

  • Marissa Chandler, Staff Representative

  • Lilian Obi, Staff Representative

  • Doris Witherspoon, Community Representative

  • Sue Fort, Staff Representative

  • Joshua Gray, Student Representative

  • Ashley Edwards, Student Representative

  • Jennifer Freeland, Student Representative

The advisory committee has the responsibility for:

  1. advising the director of the center on the development of student retention activities

  2. developing guidelines for programs in consultation with the director

  3. recommending speakers for the African American Cultural Center events

  4. other ideas, programs and activities relative to creating an environment conducive to the educational needs of African American students as well as the entire student body

  5. advising the director of the center on outreach efforts and other projects that will increase university-wide awareness and appreciation of African American culture and heritage

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the African American Cultural Center Advisory Committee, please contact:  

                                       Henderson Hill