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Tennessee Dual Enrollment Lottery Grant

  • Effective with the fall 2015 semester, the grant funding will be distributed in a manner different from previous years.
    The maximum amount available to students per academic year remains the same: $1,200 - which will typically assist with the cost of two (2) courses per semester or four (4) per academic year.
    * For the first two courses, a high school junior will receive $500 per course.
    * For the third course, a junior will receive $200 towards the cost of the course.
    * No lottery grant funding is available for the fourth course, as the maximum of $1,200 has been met.
    * Grant funding for an additional four courses in the next academic year will be $100 per credit hour, up to $600 per semester, up to $1,200 per academic year.
    The amount used beyond the fourth course is deducted from the student's HOPE Scholarship in the first semester of enrollment at a postsecondary institution.
    NOTE: The new award distribution applies only to entering juniors for the 2015-16 academic year. Seniors in the class of 2015-16 will remain on the current award schedule of $100 per credit hour, up to $600 per semester, up to $1,200 for the academic year.
    After four courses, the distribution will revert back to the $100 per credit hour distribution.
  • In order for a student to receive funding for a second course in any semester, they must also meet HOPE scholarship eligibity requirements.
    For homeschool students, that requirement is a minimum ACT composite score of 21. For most other students, the requirement is a minimum ACT composite score of 21 or a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Students must maintain a GPA of 2.75 in their college classes to continue receiving the dual enrollment grant.
  • All students must complete the grant application  - each semester - - online only (no paper applications).
  • NOTE: You will create a user account the first time you apply; save this account and login information as you will use it for all future TSAC applications, including the HOPE Scholarship. Accuracy is critical when completing your application; corrections are time-consuming and can cause delays.
  • Contact the TSAC Call Center at 800-342-1663 with technical questions about your account.
  • Deadline for Dual Lottery Grant application submission is September 15 for fall, February 1 for spring and May 15 for summer semesters.
  • NOTE: If you are taking courses at both APSU and NSCC, you must name APSU as your home school on the eGrands application in order for us to apply the funding to your account accurately. If you need to change that selection on your applicaiton, log in to the Student Portal or click here for the "Change of Institution" form. Print this page, complete it and fax to TSAC as instructed - there is not an online option for this particular form.
  • If a student uses DEG funding for more than the first four courses, any additional DEG funds received for the next four courses (another $1,200 maximum) will be deducted from his/her HOPE scholarship during the first semester of his/her freshman year. When applying for the grant, the student completes an Additional Course Acknowledgement form, signing it electronically stating their understanding of how this additional course funding works. The maximum amount a student may receive for those additional four courses is $600 per semester, $1,200 per year. If you have any questions about this, please contact our office.

What you should know about how the grant is applied to your student account:

  • APSU verifies and processes grant applications only after students are registered for class.
  • Please allow at least one business day after course registration for your student account to be updated with grants and awards. If you are also using DEG funding for a NSCC course, please allow additional time.
  • Students may print a confirmation of the online grant application for their records, but they do not receive any further official notification. If the student is eligible, has submitted the online application, is admitted and registers for class she/he will receive the grant.

More Information

For more information about Dual and Joint Enrollment at APSU, contact: