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Grants & Scholarships for Dual or Joint Enrolled Students


The final step: pay your balance.

The Bursar's office will confirm your class for you, but you are responsible
for any remaining balance on your account.


  1. Tennessee Dual Enrollment Lottery Grant - Follow this link for details on the new distribution of lottery grant funding, effective with the fall 2015 semester. 
  2. APSU Dual Enrollment Scholarship (need-based)  Students who meet federal low-family-income guidelines should consider applying for this scholarship. You should reapply for each semester by the deadlines noted on the application. Incomplete applications are not accepted.

When completing the application for admission, you answered several questions regarding the grant and award programs. By submitting that application you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions for those programs. Policy and eligibility details regarding each of these options are available here.

Other Key Points:

  • All questions concerning dual/joint enrollment grants and scholarships available should be directed to the Extended Education office ( or 931-221-7175).
  • All students must meet and maintain eligibility requirements and reapply each semester as noted.
  • Funding will not be available from any of the programs for subsequent semesters if the student's college GPA falls below 2.75.
  • Do NOT complete a FAFSA form, and do not contact the APSU financial aid office.
  • For the purposes of these grant programs, all fall or spring terms are considered as one. The maxiumum award is for six credit hours, regardless of the semester or terms in which the student takes classes (main campus and/or the 8-week Ft Campbell terms).

How much does it cost?

Dual Enrollment Tuition
$166 per credit hour
(not to include Middle College)
This rate applies up to 12
credit hours per semester.
TN Lottery Grant

Up to $600 per semester or $1,200 per academic year.
Distribution of funding is dependent on whether the student is a
junior or senior and how many courses for which the student has already received lottery grant funding. Click here for details on the distribution of funding. 

The examples below illustrate a typical scenario; the individual student's case may vary.

Example: 3-credit hour class, Junior Year
Example: 4-credit hour class, Junior Year
3 credit hours @ $166.00$498.004 credit hours @ $166.00$664.00
TN lottery grant, course #1 -500.00TN lottery grant -500.00
TOTAL DUE$(2.00)TOTAL DUE$164.00

Example: 3-credit hour class, Senior Year
Example: 4-credit hour class, Senior Year
3 credit hours @ $166.00$  498.004 credit hours @ $166.00$664.00
TN lottery grant, $100/credit hour  -300.00TN lottery grant, $100/credit hour -400.00
TOTAL DUE$198.00TOTAL DUE$264.00

Application deadlines are as follows: 

Application DeadlinesAll APSU FormsTN Dual Lottery Grant (online only)
Fall SemesterMay 1September 15
Spring SemesterDecember 1February 1
Summer SessionsMay 1May 15





More Information

For more information about Dual and Joint Enrollment at APSU, contact:


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