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Apply for Dual or Joint Enrollment Admission


Your application is the first step to enrollment.

You must apply each semester and be admitted before you can register and attend class.

Please use our checklist to ensure you submit all required documents.
NEW students: checklist for first-time applicants.
RETURNING students: checklist for returning students.
Links to each of the forms on the checklists are provided below.


1.   Application for Admission
   - Refer to the "Get Started" box to begin.
   - Save the Login ID and PIN you created for future use (the Login ID is case sensitive).
   - Select "Joint, Dual, Early NEW or READMIT" as your application type (this waives the application fee).
   - When you are asked to select a major, choose "Undecided" or "UND".
     (For a concentration, simply choose an area that is the best fit for you.)
   - A social security number is not required here - leave that blank.

2.   High School Student Authorization Signature Page
   - Your application is not complete without this signature page.

3.   Temporary Enrollment Agreement (TCX) - for returning students only.
   - First-time dual enrollment students do not submit this form.

4.   Official high school transcript.

5.   Official ACT or SAT scores - (first-time applicants only) student reports are not accepted

6.   NEW! The case-sensitive Login ID and PIN which you created and saved for your application will allow you to review your application and admission decision online at the Admissions Application Review website. NOTE: This online review covers admission documents only - it does not include grant applications, discount forms or required medical forms. You are responsible for submission of ALL forms in a timely manner.

Don't stop now - this takes care of your admission documents, but there are a few more required items...


The following financial and medical forms and applications are required before you may register for class or receive grant and scholarship funding. Deadlines are summarized at the bottom of this page.

1.   Apply online for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG)
   - See the "Apply for Financial Aid" section.
   - Apply each semester.

2.   If you are eligible for a tuition discount, visit and submit that form to the Extended Education office. These forms should be submitted no later than when the student registers for class, and for each semester of enrollment - but it is recommended that you take care of this item early, at the same time you submit your other documents.

3.   Students who meet federal guidelines for low family income should consider applying for the APSU Dual Enrollment Scholarship.

4.   Immunization Health History form 
First-time dual/joint students only. You are required to complete both sections A and B regardless of whether or not you live on campus. Please submit directly to the Extended Education office.

5.   Certificate of Immunization
Required of all first-time students enrolling in more than one class per semester; submit to the Extended Education office with the other documents. Homeschooled students must submit a complete vaccination record. Additional information about immunization requirements can be found at


All paper forms must be submitted to the Extended Education office so we may personally verify all documents. After review, we will see that they are directed to the appropriate department for timely processing.

Attn: Linda Stolz
APSU Extended Education
Box 4678
Clarksville, TN 37044
931-221-7748gosooner@apsu.eduAPSU Main Campus
McReynolds building
Room #119B


Application DeadlinesAll APSU FormsTN Dual Lottery Grant (online only)
Fall SemesterMay 1September 15
Spring SemesterDecember 1February 1
Summer SessionsMay 1May 15


For more information about Dual and Joint Enrollment at APSU, contact:


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