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Geology Minor Course Requirements (18 Hours)

(courses in italics also count towards the APSU general education core)
Required Courses
GEOL 1040Physical Geology (4 hours; also counts for general education core)
GEOL 1050Historical Geology (4 hours; also counts for general education core)
Select ten hours from the following electives
GEOL 3000Structural Geology (4 hours)
GEOL 3002Structure Field Practicum (1 hour)
GEOL 3060Quantitative Geosciences (4 hours)
GEOL 3100Stratigraphy and Sedimentation (4 hours)
GEOL 3500Mineralogy (4 hours)
GEOL 3600Petrology (4 hours)
GEOL 4250Hydrogeology (4 hours)
GEOL 4910Invertebrate Paleontology (4 hours)
GEOL 4995Seminar in Geosciences Comm. (2 hours)
GEOL 3030Environmental Geology (4 hours)
GEOL 3680Principles of Geochemistry (3 hours)
GEOL 4050Process Geomorphology (4 hours)
GEOL 4100Seminar in Tectonics (3 hours)
GEOL 4450Economic Geology (4 hours)
GEOL 4920Advanced Paleontology (3 hours)
GEOL 4990Field Geology (6 hours)
GEOL450ABCStudent Project (3 hours)
GEOL 455ABCSeminar in Earth Science (3 hours)